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Deep Computing

Vol. 48, No. 2, 2004

Order No. G322-0239
Deep computing—high-performance computing applied to problems that require significant computing resources in order to facilitate relatively complex decision-making in fields ranging from business to the sciences—is becoming increasingly important. Most of the papers in this issue pertain to relevant, new algorithmic approaches; simulation of astrophysical and magnetic phenomena; data handling and the network infrastructure needed to support large data movement; and related aspects of grid computing. A previous double issue of this Journal [Vol. 45, No. 3/4 (2001)] and a companion issue of the IBM Systems Journal [Vol. 40, No. 2 (2001)] focused on deep computing for the life sciences.
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Deep Computing
Message from the Vice President, Systems, IBM Research Division Tilak Agerwala
Preface Kirk E. Jordan p. 151
A new load-balancing strategy for the solution of dynamical large-tree-search problems using a hierarchical approach S. Crivelli and T. Head-Gordon p. 153
Singular operators in multiwavelet bases G. Fann, G. Beylkin, R. J. Harrison, and K. E. Jordan p. 161
Novel efficient techniques for computer simulation of magnetic recording D. M. Newns, W. E. Donath, G. J. Martyna, M. E. Schabes, and B. H. Lengsfield III p. 173
The pursuit of the whole NChilada: Virtual petaflops using multi-adaptive algorithms for gravitational systems G. Lake, T. Quinn, D. C. Richardson, and J. Stadel p. 183
Simulations of magnetic materials with MDGRAPE-2 B. G. Elmegreen, R. H. Koch, M. E. Schabes, T. Crawford, T. Ebisuzaki, H. Furusawa, T. Narumi, R. Susukita, and K. Yasuoka p. 199
Deep scientific computing requires deep data W. T. C. Kramer, A. Shoshani, D. A. Agarwal, B. R. Draney, G. Jin, G. F. Butler, and J. A. Hules p. 209
A philosophical and technical comparison of Legion and Globus A. S. Grimshaw, M. A. Humphrey, and A. Natrajan p. 233
Regular Paper
The performance impact of I/O optimizations and disk improvements W. W. Hsu and A. J. Smith p. 255