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     IBM Tape Storage

Tape storage systems and technology

Vol. 47, No. 4, 2003

Order No. G322-0236
IBM has produced tape storage systems for over 50 years. This issue includes a historical review as well as papers on the most recent developments in magnetic read/write tape head technology, high performance tape formatting and encoding schemes, tape automation and robotic libraries, tape management in storage networks, autonomic and virtualized tape storage and the demonstration of a terabyte of data on a standard size tape. This issue also includes papers on performance models for memory hierarchies and a grammatical evolution methodology for fractal curves.
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Tape storage systems and technology
Preface Richard Bradshaw, Guest Editor p. 371
Fifty years of IBM innovation with information storage on magnetic tape R. Bradshaw and C. Schroeder p. 373
Hard-disk-drive technology flat heads for linear tape recording R. G. Biskeborn and J. H. Eaton p. 385
Steady-state thermal characteristics of AMR read/write heads used in tape storage drives I. E. T. Iben, Y.-M. Lee, and W. D. Hsiao p. 401
Head reliability of AMR sensors based on thermal stress tests I. E. T. Iben p. 415
LTO: A better format for mid-range tape G. A. Jaquette p. 429
Innovations in tape storage automation at IBM D. J. Hellman, R. Yardy, and P. E. Abbott p. 445
Tape management in a storage networking environment J. Deicke and W. Mueller p. 453
The IBM Virtual Tape Server: Making tape controllers more autonomic G. T. Kishi p. 459
Six orders of magnitude in linear tape technology: The one-terabyte project E. R. Childers, W. Imaino, J. H. Eaton, G. A. Jaquette, P. V. Koeppe, and D. J. Hellman p. 471
Regular papers
Grammatical evolution to design fractal curves with a given dimension A. Ortega, A. A. Dalhoum, and M. Alfonseca p. 483
Comparison of analytic performance models using closed mean-value analysis versus open-queuing theory for estimating cycles per instruction of memory hierarchies R. E. Matick p. 495