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Communication Technologies

Vol. 47, No. 2/3, 2003

Order No. G322-0235
This double issue focuses on communication technologies in IBM that are contributing to the increasingly rapid and efficient movement of information. The issue contains fourteen papers on relevant semiconductor processes, models, and innovative architectures, as well as circuit design and testing efforts. A broad array of important applications are covered in the fields of wired and wireless communications, including switches, network processors, wireless LANs, cellular radios, and optical data transceivers.
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Communication technologies
Message from the Vice President for Technology and Chief Technologist, IBM Technology Group Bernard S. Meyerson, IBM Fellow
Preface M. M. Oprysko, Guest Editor p. 99
Foundation of rf CMOS and SiGe BiCMOS technologies J. S. Dunn, D. C. Ahlgren, D. D. Coolbaugh, N. B. Feilchenfeld, G. Freeman, D. R. Greenberg, R. A. Groves, F. J. Guarín, Y. Hammad, A. J. Joseph, L. D. Lanzerotti, S. A. St.Onge, B. A. Orner, J.-S. Rieh, K. J. Stein, S. H. Voldman, P.-C. Wang, M. J. Zierak, S. Subbanna, D. L. Harame, D. A. Herman, Jr., and B. S. Meyerson p. 101
Design automation methodology and rf/analog modeling for rf CMOS and SiGe BiCMOS technologies D. L. Harame, K. M. Newton, R. Singh, S. L. Sweeney, S. E. Strang, J. B. Johnson, S. M. Parker, C. E. Dickey, M. Erturk, G. J. Schulberg, D. L. Jordan, D. C. Sheridan, M. P. Keene, J. Boquet, R. A. Groves, M. Kumar, D. A. Herman, Jr., and B. S. Meyerson p. 139
IBM PowerNP network processor: Hardware, software, and applications J. R. Allen, Jr., B. M. Bass, C. Basso, R. H. Boivie, J. L. Calvignac, G. T. Davis, L. Frelechoux, M. Heddes, A. Herkersdorf, A. Kind, J. F. Logan, M. Peyravian, M. A. Rinaldi, R. K. Sabhikhi, M. S. Siegel, and M. Waldvogel p. 177
Prizma switch technology A. P. J. Engbersen p. 195
Data aggregation architectures for single-chip SDH/SONET framers R. Clauberg p. 211
Design of optical communications data links P. K. Pepeljugoski and D. M. Kuchta p. 223
SiON high-refractive-index waveguide and planar lightwave circuits G.-L. Bona, R. Germann, and B. J. Offrein p. 239
Evolution of optical subassemblies in IBM data communication transceivers J. M. Trewhella, G. W. Johnson, W. K. Hogan, and D. L. Karst p. 251
SiGe BiCMOS integrated circuits for high-speed serial communication links D. J. Friedman, M. Meghelli, B. D. Parker, J. Yang, H. A. Ainspan, A. V. Rylyakov, Y. H. Kwark, M. B. Ritter, L. Shan, S. J. Zier, M. Sorna, and M. Soyuer p. 259
Low-power circuits and technology for wireless digital systems S. V. Kosonocky, A. J. Bhavnagarwala, K. Chin, G. D. Gristede, A.-M. Haen, W. Hwang, M. B. Ketchen, S. Kim, D. R. Knebel, K. W. Warren, and V. Zyuban p. 283
An innovative low-power high-performance programmable signal processor for digital communications J. H. Moreno, V. Zyuban, U. Shvadron, F. D. Neeser, J. H. Derby, M. S. Ware, K. Kailas, A. Zaks, A. Geva, S. Ben-David, S. W. Asaad, T. W. Fox, D. Littrell, M. Biberstein, D. Naishlos, and H. Hunter p. 299
Broadband radio LANs and the evolution of wireless beyond 3G P. R. Chevillat and W. Schott p. 327
A direct-conversion receiver integrated circuit for WCDMA mobile systems S. K. Reynolds, B. A. Floyd, T. J. Beukema, T. Zwick, U. R. Pfeiffer, and H. A. Ainspan p. 337
Developing integrated antenna subsystems for laptop computers D. Liu, B. P. Gaucher, E. B. Flint, T. W. Studwell, H. Usui, and T. J. Beukema p. 355