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Mathematical Sciences at 40

Vol. 47, No. 1, 2003

Order No. G322-0234
For the last 40 years the Mathematical Sciences Department in IBM Research has played an important role in a wide range of scientific and business activities, from the design of products to methods for planning and operating business units. This issue reflects that broad range through papers on halftone printing, predictive modeling, greedy algorithms, linear algebra, open-source software for operations research, one-dimensional dynamics, and chip design. An additional paper presents a view of Mathematical Sciences in the 1990's.
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Mathematical Sciences at 40
Preface Brenda Dietrich and Michael Shub, Guest Editors p. 3
The mathematics of halftoning R. L. Adler, B. P. Kitchens, M. Martens, C. P. Tresser, and C. W. Wu p. 5
Data-intensive analytics for predictive modeling C. V. Apte, S. J. Hong, R. Natarajan, E. P. D. Pednault, F. A. Tipu, and S. M. Weiss p. 17
On greedy algorithms, partially ordered sets, and submodular functions B. L. Dietrich and A. J. Hoffman p. 25
High-performance linear algebra algorithms using new generalized data structures for matrices F. G. Gustavson p. 31
The Common Optimization INterface for Operations Research: Promoting open-source software in the operations research community R. Lougee-Heimer p. 57
Ergodic theory of one-dimensional dynamics M. Martens and T. J. Nowicki p. 67
Estimating the efficiency of collaborative problem-solving, with applications to chip design M. Y. L. Wisniewski, E. Yashchin, R. L. Franch, D. P. Conrady, G. Fiorenza, and I. C. Noyan p. 77
Mathematical sciences in the nineties W. R. Pulleyblank p. 89