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System-on-a-Chip and Packaging

Vol. 46, No. 6, 2002

Order No. G322-0233
The continued decrease in CMOS transistor size and the corresponding increase in the number of components per chip have led to a significant increase in the number of functions that can be placed on a single chip and to the challenges in packaging very high-performance systems utilizing these chips. The first topic of this issue, systems on a chip (SoCs), includes three papers that describe approaches to chip architecture and design methodology and one paper on the organization and testing of a chip with 40 MB of embedded DRAM memory. The second topic consists of five papers on packaging of large computer systems. Included is an overview of packaging, power, and cooling of large systems, and papers on packaging of multichip modules, on cooling using refrigeration, and on land grid array sockets for interconnections between modules and circuit boards.
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Preface Thomas M. Reeves and Timothy K. Ravey, Guest Editors p. 647
The IBM ASIC/SoC methodology—A recipe for first-time success G. W. Doerre and D. E. Lackey p. 649
Issues and strategies for the physical design of system-on-a-chip ASICs T. R. Bednar, P. H. Buffet, R. J. Darden, S. W. Gould, and P. S. Zuchowski p. 661
Embedded DRAM design and architecture for the IBM 0.11-µm ASIC offering J. E. Barth, Jr., J. H. Dreibelbis, E. A. Nelson, D. L. Anand, G. Pomichter, P. Jakobsen, M. R. Nelms, J. Leach, and G. M. Belansek p. 675
Early analysis tools for system-on-a-chip design J. A. Darringer, R. A. Bergamaschi, S. Bhattacharya, D. Brand, A. Herkersdorf, J. K. Morrell, I. I. Nair, P. Sagmeister, and Y. Shin p. 691
Preface Vincent Cozzolino and Prabjit Singh, Guest Editors p. 709
A power, packaging, and cooling overview of the IBM eServer z900 P. Singh, S. J. Ahladas, W. D. Becker, F. E. Bosco, J. P. Corrado, G. F. Goth, S. Iruvanti, M. A. Nobile, B. D. Notohardjono, J. H. Quick, E. J. Seminaro, K. M. Soohoo, and C. Wu p. 711
High-end server low-temperature cooling R. R. Schmidt and B. D. Notohardjono p. 739
Design and analysis of a scheme to mitigate condensation on an assembly used to cool a processor module M. J. Ellsworth, Jr., R. R. Schmidt, and D. Agonafer p. 753
Land grid array sockets for server applications J. S. Corbin, C. N. Ramirez, and D. E. Massey p. 763
An advanced multichip module (MCM) for high-performance UNIX servers J. U. Knickerbocker, F. L. Pompeo, A. F. Tai, D. L. Thomas, R. D. Weekly, M. G. Nealon, H. C. Hamel, A. Haridass, J. N. Humenik, R. A. Shelleman, S. N. Reddy, K. M. Prettyman, B. V. Fasano, S. K. Ray, T. E. Lombardi, K. C. Marston, P. A. Coico, P. J. Brofman, L. S. Goldmann, D. L. Edwards, J. A. Zitz, S. Iruvanti, S. L. Shinde, and H. P. Longworth p. 779
Author index for Volume 46 p. 805
Subject index for Volume 46 p. 811