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IBM eServer z900

Vol. 46, No. 4/5, 2002

Order No. G322-0232
This double issue contains nineteen papers that describe many aspects of the IBM eServer z900. Although the z900 is built on the legacy of its predecessors—the S/390 Parallel Enterprise Servers G3 through G6—every major subsystem was completely redesigned with the express purpose of delivering the first IBM e-business mainframe server. The z900 features a full 64-bit architecture, a new high-bandwidth I/O subsystem, and autonomic features such as the ability to allocate computing and I/O resources as the need arises, using customer-defined priorities. The contribution of the z900 to IBM's server business cannot be overstated.
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Papers on IBM eServer z900
Message from the Vice President, Server Systems Development, IBM Server Group Michael Desens  
Preface Paul R. Turgeon, Guest Editor p. 365
Development and attributes of z/Architecture K. E. Plambeck, W. Eckert, R. R. Rogers, and C. F. Webb p. 367
The microarchitecture of the IBM eServer z900 processor E. M. Schwarz, M. A. Check, C.-L. K. Shum, T. Koehler, S. B. Swaney, J. D. MacDougall, and C. A. Krygowski p. 381
First- and second-level packaging for the IBM eServer z900 H. Harrer, H. Pross, T.-M. Winkel, W. D. Becker, H. I. Stoller, M. Yamamoto, S. Abe, B. J. Chamberlin, and G. A. Katopis p. 397
IBM eServer z900 I/O subsystem D. J. Stigliani, Jr., T. E. Bubb, D. F. Casper, J. H. Chin, S. G. Glassen, J. M. Hoke, V. A. Minassian, J. H. Quick, and C. H. Whitehead p. 421
Self-timed interface of the input/output subsystem of the IBM eServer z900 J. M. Hoke, P. W. Bond, R. R. Livolsi, T. C. Lo, F. S. Pidala, and G. Steinbrueck p. 447
Coupling I/O channels for the IBM eServer z900: Reengineering required T. A. Gregg and R. K. Errickson p. 461
zSeries features for optimized sockets-based messaging: HiperSockets and OSA-Express M. E. Baskey, M. Eder, D. A. Elko, B. H. Ratcliff, and D. W. Schmidt p. 475
FCP for the IBM eServer zSeries systems: Access to distributed storage I. Adlung, G. Banzhaf, W. Eckert, G. Kuch, S. Mueller, and C. Raisch p. 487
RAS design for the IBM eServer z900 L. C. Alves, M. L. Fair, P. J. Meaney, C. L. Chen, W. J. Clarke, G. C. Wellwood, N. E. Weber, I. N. Modi, B. K. Tolan, and F. Freier p. 503
System control structure of the IBM eServer z900 F. Baitinger, H. Elfering, G. Kreissig, D. Metz, J. Saalmueller, and F. Scholz p. 523
Hardware configuration framework for the IBM eServer z900 A. Bieswanger, F. Hardt, A. Kreissig, H. Osterndorf, G. Stark, and H. Weber p. 537
Flexible configuration and concurrent upgrade for the IBM eServer z900 J. Probst, B. D. Valentine, C. Axnix, and K. Kuehl p. 551
The alternate support element, a high-availability service console for the IBM eServer z900 B. D. Valentine, H. Weber, and J. D. Eggleston p. 559
Intelligent Resource Director W. J. Rooney, J. P. Kubala, J. Maergner, and P. B. Yocom p. 567
IBM eServer z900 system microcode verification by simulation: The virtual power-on process S. Koerner, M. Kuenzel, and E. C. McCain p. 587
Hyper-acceleration and HW/SW co-verification as an essential part of IBM eServer z900 verification J. Kayser, S. Koerner, and K.-D. Schubert p. 597
z/CECSIM: An efficient and comprehensive microcode simulator for the IBM eServer z900 J. von Buttlar, H. Böhm, R. Ernst, A. Horsch, A. Kohler, H. Schein, M. Stetter, and K. Theurich p. 607
Hierarchical indexing data structure method for verifying the functionality of the STI-to-PCI bridge chips of the IBM eServer z900 J. F. Silverio, Y. M. Ng, and D. F. Anderson p. 617
IBM eServer z900 high-frequency microprocessor technology, circuits, and design methodology B. W. Curran, Y. H. Chan, P. T. Wu, P. J. Camporese, G. A. Northrop, R. F. Hatch, L. B. Lacey, J. P. Eckhardt, D. T. Hui, and H. H. Smith p. 631