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Nontopical issue

Vol. 45, No. 6, 2001

Order No. G322-0229
This issue contains seven papers. The first three cover packaging and backup power for computing systems. The next four pertain to embedding a secondary communication channel within a cycle redundancy check, computing the dimensions of fractal curves, programming for quantum computation, and multiprocessor performance analysis.
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Papers on power and packaging in IBM systems
Uninterruptible battery backup for IBM AS/400 systems S. W. Steele p. 763
Modular server frame with robust earthquake retention B. D. Notohardjono, J. S. Corbin, S. J. Mazzuca, S. C. McIntosh, and H. Welz p. 771
Strain measurement and numerical analysis of an epoxy adhesive subjected to thermal loads J. Kuczynski and A. K. Sinha p. 783
Regular papers
Embedding a secondary communication channel transparently within a cyclic redundancy check (CRC) D. R. Irvin p. 789
Determination of fractal dimensions from equivalent L systems M. Alfonseca and A. Ortega p. 797
Logical reversibility P. Zuliani p. 807
Analytical analysis of finite cache penalty and cycles per instruction of a multiprocessor memory hierarchy using miss rates and queuing theory R. E. Matick, T. J. Heller, and M. Ignatowski p. 819
Recent publications by IBM authors p. 843
Patents p. 849
Author index for Volume 45 p. 857
Subject index for Volume 45 p. 863
Editor's Note p. 870