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Advanced Semiconductor Lithography

Vol. 45, No. 5, 2001

Order No. G322-0228
Advances in lithography for the semiconductor industry will continue to have a major impact on that industry. As circuit dimensions continue to shrink, all aspects of semiconductor lithography face increased challenges. This issue of the IBM Journal of Research and Development contains seven papers that describe recent advances in exposure systems, masks, resists, and novel processes that address these challenges.
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Table of contents  
Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Preface George J. Hefferon, Guest Editor p. 603
Review of technology for 157-nm lithography A. K. Bates, M. Rothschild, T. M. Bloomstein, T. H. Fedynyshyn, R. R. Kunz, V. Liberman, and M. Switkes p. 605
PREVAIL—Electron projection technology approach for next-generation lithography R. S. Dhaliwal, W. A. Enichen, S. D. Golladay, M. S. Gordon, R. A. Kendall, J. E. Lieberman, H. C. Pfeiffer, D. J. Pinckney, C. F. Robinson, J. D. Rockrohr, W. Stickel, and E. V. Tressler p. 615
Recent progress in electron-beam resists for advanced mask-making D. R. Medeiros, A. Aviram, C. R. Guarnieri, W.-S. Huang, R. Kwong, C. K. Magg, A. P. Mahorowala, W. M. Moreau, K. E. Petrillo, and M. Angelopoulos p. 639
TCAD development for lithography resolution enhancement L. W. Liebmann, S. M. Mansfield, A. K. Wong, M. A. Lavin, W. C. Leipold, and T. G. Dunham p. 651
Chemical and physical aspects of the post-exposure baking process used for positive-tone chemically amplified resists W. D. Hinsberg, F. A. Houle, M. I. Sanchez, and G. M. Wallraff p. 667
Dissolution behavior of chemically amplified resist polymers for 248-, 193-, and 157-nm lithography H. Ito p. 683
Printing meets lithography: Soft approaches to high-resolution patterning B. Michel, A. Bernard, A. Bietsch, E. Delamarche, M. Geissler, D. Juncker, H. Kind, J.-P. Renault, H. Rothuizen, H. Schmid, P. Schmidt-Winkel, R. Stutz, and H. Wolf p. 697
Recent publications by IBM authors p. 721
Patents p. 731