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Technology for xSeries Servers

Vol. 45, No. 2, 2001

Order No. G322-0226
This issue contains ten papers describing elements of the technology used in the IBM eServer xSeries line of server products. Prominently featured is IBM memory expansion technology (MXT), a low-cost, high-performance memory controller and memory system architecture that more than doubles the effective size of installed main memory without significant added cost. Five related papers overview the MXT architecture, describe the underlying internal organization, algorithms and data structures, and software support, and assess performance and competitive impact. Also in the issue are papers on super-dense servers, cache-coherent nonuniform memory arrays (ccNUMA), advanced fast-path architecture (AFPA, a software architecture that greatly improves server data handling and capacity), Everest (an architecture for high-throughput protocol handling), and software rejuvenation.
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Table of contents  
Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Preface Richard E. Harper, Guest Editor p. 187
Adaptive Fast Path Architecture E. C. Hu, P. A. Joubert, R. B. King, J. D. LaVoie, and J. M. Tracey p. 191
Experience with building a commodity Intel-based ccNUMA system B. C. Brock, G. D. Carpenter, E. Chiprout, M. E. Dean, P. L. De Backer, E. N. Elnozahy, H. Franke, M. E. Giampapa, D. Glasco, J. L. Peterson, R. Rajamony, R. Ravindran, F. L. Rawson, R. L. Rockhold, and J. Rubio p. 207
High-throughput coherence control and hardware messaging in Everest A. K. Nanda, A.-T. Nguyen, M. M. Michael, and D. J. Joseph p. 229
Algorithms and data structures for compressed-memory machines P. A. Franaszek, P. Heidelberger, D. E. Poff, and J. T. Robinson p. 245
On internal organization in compressed random-access memories P. A. Franaszek and J. T. Robinson p. 259
IBM Memory Expansion Technology (MXT) R. B. Tremaine, P. A. Franaszek, J. T. Robinson, C. O. Schulz, T. B. Smith, M. E. Wazlowski, and P. M. Bland p. 271
Memory Expansion Technology (MXT): Software support and performance B. Abali, H. Franke, D. E. Poff, R. A. Saccone, Jr., C. O. Schulz, L. M. Herger, and T. B. Smith p. 287
Memory Expansion Technology (MXT): Competitive impact T. B. Smith, B. Abali, D. E. Poff, and R. B. Tremaine p. 303
Proactive management of software aging V. Castelli, R. E. Harper, P. Heidelberger, S. W. Hunter, K. S. Trivedi, K. Vaidyanathan, and W. P. Zeggert p. 311
Recent publications by IBM authors p. 333
Patents p. 339