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Advanced microprocessor design

Vol. 44, No. 6, 2000

Order No. G322-0224
Leadership in microprocessor technology depends on superior performance in general and efficient handling of specialized applications. This issue of the Journal features six papers on advanced microprocessor design, including discussions of microarchitecture optimization, custom circuit design, mathematical algorithms, and performance analysis. There are also two papers on liquid-crystal light valves for displays and bandwidth problems in networks.
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Custom circuit design as a driver of microprocessor performance D. H. Allen, S. H. Dhong, H. P. Hofstee, J. Leenstra, K. J. Nowka, D. L. Stasiak, and D. F. Wendel p. 799
Minimal-storage high-performance Cholesky factorization via blocking and recursion F. G. Gustavson and I. Jonsson p. 823
A performance methodology for commercial servers S. R. Kunkel, R. J. Eickemeyer, M. H. Lipasti, T. J. Mullins, B. O'Krafka, H. Rosenberg, S. P. VanderWiel, P. L. Vitale, and L. D. Whitley p. 851
POWER3: The next generation of PowerPC processors F. P. O'Connell and S. W. White p. 873
A multithreaded PowerPC processor for commercial servers J. M. Borkenhagen, R. J. Eickemeyer, R. N. Kalla, and S. R. Kunkel p. 885
S/390 microprocessor design C. F. Webb p. 899
An SXGA reflective liquid crystal projection light valve incorporating inversion by pixel bootstrapping by E. S. Schlig and J. L. Sanford p. 909
Bandwidth problems in high-speed networks I. A. Saroit Ismail p. 919
Recent publications by IBM authors p. 939
Patents p. 953
Author index for Volume 44 p. 963
Subject index for Volume 44 p. 967