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Research contributions by NACME Scholars

Vol. 44, No. 5, 2000

Order No. G322-0223
As an important part of its efforts to foster diversity in the work force, IBM has provided significant support to the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME) since its founding a quarter century ago. To date, more than 7000 men and women—the NACME Scholars—have received college scholarship support from that organization. This issue contains eight papers, recently published in other journals, that reflect the many contributions by NACME Scholars to research in fields ranging from materials science and biotechnology to computer science and aerospace engineering.
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Message from the Senior Vice President, Manufacturing and Technology Nicholas M. Donofrio
Foreword George Campbell, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer, NACME, Inc. p. 667
Preface A. Garcia, Guest Editor p. 667
Characterization of constitutional liquid film migration in nickel-base alloy 718 V. L. Acoff* and R. G. Thompson p. 668
Parallel image processing with the block data parallel architecture W. E. Alexander, D. S. Reeves, and C. S. Gloster, Jr.* p. 681
Approximate performance of periodic hypersonic cruise trajectories for global reach P. H. Carter II, D. J. Pines,* and L. v. Rudd p. 703
Monolithic packaging concepts for high isolation in circuits and antennas R. F. Drayton,* R. M Henderson, and L. P. B. Katehi p. 715
Stability of nonlinear polynomial ARMA models and their inverse E. Hernández* and Y. Arkun p. 725
Frequency response sensitivity functions for helicopter frequency domain system identification C. T. Jones* and R. Celi p. 748
A fuzzy linguistic model for the prediction of carpal tunnel syndrome risks in an occupational environment P. McCauley Bell and L. Crumpton* p. 759
Metabolic effects on recombinant interferon-gamma glycosylation in continuous culture of Chinese hamster ovary cells G. B. Nyberg, R. R. Balcarcel,* B. D. Follstad, G. Stephanopoulos, and D. I. C. Wang p. 770
Recent publications by IBM authors p. 785
Patents p. 791
*NACME Scholar