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Evolution of information technology 1957-1999

Vol. 44, No. 1/2, 2000

Order No. G322-0220
The creation and development of the computer is one of the great achievements in human history. This double issue of the Journal presents a selection of 27 reprinted papers related to the evolution of computer and information technology at IBM. The included papers, selected from issues of the Journal published between 1957 and 1999, are on topics in computer architecture, solid-state technology, design automation, magnetic storage, applications of computers, and contributions to the field of science.
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Preface R. D. Isaac and J. A. Kash, Guest Editors p. 3
The Random-Access Memory Accounting Machine II. The magnetic-disk, random-access memory T. Noyes and W. E. Dickinson p. 16
Architecture of the IBM System/360 G. M. Amdahl, G. A. Blaauw, and F. P. Brooks, Jr. p. 21
The 801 minicomputer George Radin p. 37
The evolution of RISC technology at IBM John Cocke and V. Markstein p. 48
Solid-state technology
Solid Logic Technology: Versatile, high-performance microelectronics E. M. Davis, W. E. Harding, R. S. Schwartz, and J. J. Corning p. 56
Design and characteristics of n-channel insulated-gate field-effect transistors D. L. Critchlow, R. H. Dennard, and S. E. Schuster p. 70
Miniaturization of electronics and its limits R. W. Keyes p. 84
Reduction of electromigration in aluminum films by copper doping I. Ames, F. M. d'Heurle, and R. E. Horstmann p. 89
Controlled collapse reflow chip joining L. F. Miller p. 93
Application of rf discharges to sputtering H. R. Koenig and L. I. Maissel p. 106
LSI yield modeling and process monitoring C. H. Stapper p. 112
Chemical amplification resists: History and development within IBM H. Ito p. 119
Low-temperature Si and Si:Ge epitaxy by ultrahigh vacuum/chemical vapor deposition: Process fundamentals B. S. Meyerson p. 132
Design automation
Finite-element analysis of semiconductor devices: The FIELDAY program E. M. Buturla, P. E. Cottrell, B. M. Grossman, and K. A. Salsburg p. 142
LSS: A system for production logic synthesis John A. Darringer, Daniel Brand, John V. Gerbi, William H. Joyner, Jr., and Louise Trevillyan p. 157
Magnetic thin films and data storage
Nanosecond switching in thin magnetic films W. Dietrich, W. E. Proebster, and P. Wolf p. 167
A high track-density servo-access system for magnetic recording disk storage A. S. Hoagland p. 175
Magnetic thin films in recording technology V. S. Speriosu, D. A. Herman, Jr., I. L. Sanders, and T. Yogi p. 186
Applications of computers in science
Some studies in machine learning using the game of checkers A. L. Samuel p. 206
Ab initio computations in atoms and molecules Enrico Clementi p. 228
Cryptography D. Coppersmith p. 246
Contributions to basic science
Spatial variation of currents and fields due to localized scatterers in metallic conduction R. Landauer p. 251
Irreversibility and heat generation in the computing process R. Landauer p. 261
Notes on the history of reversible computation Charles H. Bennett p. 270
Scanning tunneling microscopy G. Binnig and H. Rohrer p. 279
Contributions of IBM to laser science-1960 to the present P. P. Sorokin p. 294