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IBM S/390 Server G5/G6

Vol. 43, No. 5/6, 1999

Order No. G322-0219
This issue contains nineteen papers on the IBM S/390 Server G5 and G6 systems. Included are descriptions of the G5 and G6 multichip modules (MCMs), the S/390 CMOS Cryptographic Coprocessor Facility, the S/390 implementation of the IEEE Floating-Point arithmetic standard, and design innovations such as the binodal cache and the Integrated Cluster Bus.
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Table of contents  
Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Preface Kevin Carswell and Cyril Price, Guest Editors p. 619
MCM technology and design for the S/390 G5 system G. A. Katopis, W. D. Becker, T. R. Mazzawy, H. H. Smith, C. K. Vakirtzis, S. A. Kuppinger, B. Singh, P. C. Lin, J. Bartells, Jr., G. V. Kihlmire, P. N. Venkatachalam, H. I. Stoller, and J. L. Frankel p. 621
System performance management for the S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server G5 R. F. Rizzolo, G. Hinkel, S. Michnowski, T. J. McPherson, and A. J. Sutcliffe p. 651
The S/390 G5/G6 binodal cache P. R. Turgeon, P. Mak, M. A. Blake, M. F. Fee, C. B. Ford III, P. J. Meaney, R. Seigler, and W. W. Shen p. 661
Custom S/390 G5 and G6 microprocessors M. A. Check and T. J. Slegel p. 671
Chip integration methodology for the IBM S/390 G5 and G6 custom microprocessors R. M. Averill III, K. G. Barkley, M. A. Bowen, P. J. Camporese, A. H. Dansky, R. F. Hatch, D. E. Hoffman, M. D. Mayo, S. A. McCabe, T. G. McNamara, T. J. McPherson, G. A. Northrop, L. Sigal, H. H. Smith, D. A. Webber, and P. M. Williams p. 681
The S/390 G5 floating-point unit E. M. Schwarz and C. A. Krygowski p. 707
Architecture and software support in IBM S/390 Parallel Enterprise Servers for IEEE Floating-Point arithmetic P. H. Abbott, D. G. Brush, C. W. Clark III, C. J. Crone, J. R. Ehrman, G. W. Ewart, C. A. Goodrich, M. Hack, J. S. Kapernick, B. J. Minchau, W. C. Shepard, R. M. Smith, Sr., R. Tallman, S. Walkowiak, A. Watanabe, and W. R. White p. 723
S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server CMOS Cryptographic Coprocessor R. J. Easter, E. W. Chencinski, E. J. D'Avignon, S. R. Greenspan, W. A. Merz, and C. D. Norberg p. 761
S/390 CMOS Cryptographic Coprocessor Architecture: Overview and design considerations P. C. Yeh and R. M. Smith, Sr. p. 777
The Integrated Cluster Bus for the IBM S/390 Parallel Sysplex T. A. Gregg, K. M. Pandey, and R. K. Errickson p. 795
Fiber optic interconnects for the IBM S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server G5 C. M. DeCusatis, D. J. Stigliani, Jr., W. L. Mostowy, M. E. Lewis, D. B. Petersen, and N. R. Dhondy p. 807
Self-timed interface for S/390 I/O subsystem interconnection J. M. Hoke, P. W. Bond, T. Lo, F. S. Pidala, and G. Steinbrueck p. 829
IBM S/390 storage hierarchy G5 and G6 performance considerations K. M. Jackson and K. N. Langston p. 847
Integrated Cluster Bus performance for the IBM S/390 Parallel Sysplex C. L. Rao, G. M. King, and B. A. Weiler p. 855
IBM S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server G5 fault tolerance: A historical perspective L. Spainhower and T. A. Gregg p. 863
RAS strategy for IBM S/390 G5 and G6 M. Mueller, L. C. Alves, W. Fischer, M. L. Fair, and I. Modi p. 875
Event monitoring in highly complex hardware systems T. Buechner, R. Fritz, P. Guenther, M. Helms, K. D. Lamb, M. Loew, T. Schlipf, and M. H. Walz p. 889
S/390 G5 CMOS microprocessor diagnostics P. Song, F. Motika, D. R. Knebel, R. F. Rizzolo, and M. P. Kusko p. 899
PLL modeling and verification in a cycle-simulation environment G. A. Van Huben, T. G. McNamara, and T. E. Gilbert p. 915
Recent IBM patents p. 927
Author index for Volume 43 p. 931
Subject index for Volume 43 p. 937