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Ultrathin dielectric films

Vol. 43, No. 3, 1999

Order No. G322-0217
Ultrathin dielectric films are the subject of this issue and of efforts at IBM to further improve integrated circuit packing densities and performance through scaling. As CMOS devices become even smaller, the thickness of the silicon dioxide gate dielectric is at or below 2.0 nm (five or six oxide monolayers) and is rapidly approaching a limiting value. This issue contains eleven papers on the present and future use of gate dielectrics and some of the efforts underway in this field.
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Preface D. A. Buchanan, Guest Editor p. 243
Scaling the gate dielectric: Materials, integration, and reliability D. A. Buchanan p. 245
Growth and characterization of ultrathin nitrided silicon oxide films E. P. Gusev, H.-C. Lu, E. L. Garfunkel, T. Gustafsson, and M. L. Green p. 265
Nitrous oxide (N2O) processing for silicon oxynitride gate dielectrics K. A. Ellis and R. A. Buhrman p. 287
Ultrathin nitrided gate dielectrics: Plasma processing, chemical characterization, performance, and reliability G. Lucovsky p. 301
Modeling and characterization of quantization, polysilicon depletion, and direct tunneling effects in MOSFETs with ultrathin oxides S.-H. Lo, D. A. Buchanan and Y. Taur p. 327
Cost-effective cleaning and high-quality thin gate oxides M. M. Heyns, T. Bearda, I. Cornelissen, S. De Gendt, R. Degraeve, G. Groeseneken, C. Kenens, D. M. Knotter, L. M. Loewenstein, P. W. Mertens, S. Mertens, M. Meuris, T. Nigam, M. Schaekers, I. Teerlinck, W. Vandervorst, R. Vos and K. Wolke p. 339
Characterization of silicon surface preparation processes for advanced gate dielectrics H. F. Okorn-Schmidt p. 351
(Ba,Sr)TiO3 dielectrics for future stacked- capacitor DRAM D. E. Kotecki, J. D. Baniecki, H. Shen, R. B. Laibowitz, K. L. Saenger, J. J. Lian, T. M. Shaw, S. D. Athavale, C. Cabral, Jr., P. R. Duncombe, M. Gutsche, G. Kunkel, Y.-J. Park, Y.-Y. Wang and R. Wise p. 367
Titanium dioxide (TiO2)-based gate insulators S. A. Campbell, H.-S. Kim, D. C. Gilmer, B. He, T. Ma and W. L. Gladfelter p. 383
Nitrided gate oxides for 3.3-V logic application: Reliability and device design considerations T. B. Hook, J. S. Burnham and R. J. Bolam p. 393
Key measurements of ultrathin gate dielectric reliability and in-line monitoring W. W. Abadeer, A. Bagramian, D. W. Conkle, C. W. Griffin, E. Langlois, B. F. Lloyd, R. P. Mallette, J. E. Massucco, J. M. McKenna, S. W. Mittl and P. H. Noel p. 407
Recent publications IBM authors p. 417
Patents p. 443