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Plasma processing

Vol. 43, No. 1/2, 1999

Order No. G322-0216
This issue contains papers on the plasma etching and deposition processes used in the fabrication of today's most advanced integrated circuits and active-matrix displays. Also covered is potential extendability to magnetic recording head technology.
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Table of contents
Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Preface by Y. Kuo, Guest Editor p. 3
Plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition of dielectric thin films for ULSI semiconductor circuits D. R. Cote, S. V. Nguyen, A. K. Stamper, D. S. Armbrust, D. Tobben, R. A. Conti, and G. Y. Lee p. 5
Plasma-etching processes for ULSI semiconductor circuits M. Armacost, P. D. Hoh, R. Wise, W. Yan, J. J. Brown, J. H. Keller, G. A. Kaplita, S. D. Halle, K. P. Muller, M. D. Naeem, S. Srinivasan, H. Y. Ng, M. Gutsche, A. Gutmann, and B. Spuler p. 39
Plasma processing in the fabrication of amorphous silicon thin-film-transistor arrays Y. Kuo, M. Okajima, and M. Takeichi p. 73
Fabrication of magnetic recording heads and dry etching of head materials R. Hsiao p. 89
Plasma processing damage in etching and deposition S. J. Fonash p. 103
High-density plasma chemical vapor deposition of silicon-based dielectric films for integrated circuits S. V. Nguyen p. 109
Plasma-assisted oxidation, anodization, and nitridation of silicon D. W. Hess p. 127
Plasma-deposited diamondlike carbon and related materials A. Grill p. 147
Sputter deposition for semiconductor manufacturing S. M. Rossnagel p. 163
Surface science issues in plasma etching G. S. Oehrlein, M. F. Doemling, B. E. E. Kastenmeier, P. J. Matsuo, N. R. Rueger, M. Schaepkens, and T. E. F. M. Standaert p. 181
Modeling and simulation methods for plasma processing S. Hamaguchi p. 199
Recent publications IBM authors p. 217
Patents p. 227