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Data compression in ASIC cores

Vol. 42, No. 6, 1998

Order No. G322-0215
The IBM Microelectronics Division is committed to maintaining a leadership position in the industry as a solutions provider through the functions in the ASIC core program. IBM has made its data compression technology available to the industry through the ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) Blue Logic core program. The nine papers in this issue describe four of IBM's data compression cores which are in that core library: ALDC (adaptive lossless data compression), JBIG-ABIC (Joint Bi-level Image Group-Adaptive Bi-level Image Compression), MPEG-2 (Moving Picture Experts Group-2), and 401DEC (decompression for the IBM PowerPC 401™ embedded processor).
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Data compression technology in ASIC cores S. H. Burroughs and T. R. Lattrell p. 725
A fast hardware data compression algorithm and some algorithmic extensions D. J. Craft p. 733
Design considerations for the ALDC cores M. J. Slattery and F. A. Kampf p. 747
A JBIG-ABIC compression engine for digital document processing K. M. Marks p. 753
Performance as a function of compression F. A. Kampf p. 759
The Qx-coder M. J. Slattery and J. L. Mitchell p. 767
The IBM JBIG-ABIC Verification Suite P. S. Colyer and J. L. Mitchell p. 785
Integrating the MPEG-2 subsystem for digital television R. E. Anderson, E. M. Foster, D. E. Franklin, and R. S. Svec p. 795
A decompression core for PowerPC T. M. Kemp, R. K. Montoye, J. D. Harper, J. D. Palmer, and D. J. Auerbach p. 807
Modular nets (MNETS): A modular design methodology for computer timers R. E. Matick p. 813
Recent publications IBM authors p. 831
Patents p. 839
Author index for Volume 42 p. 861
Subject index for Volume 42 p. 867
Addenda p. 874