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High-resolution displays

Vol. 42, No. 3/4, 1998

Order No. G322-0213
Electronic displays are the main interface between humans and computers. As described in the 19 papers which make up this double issue, display technology has advanced to the point that very high information content, very high spatial resolution displays can be manufactured. The papers describe the recently developed technology for making high resolution flat panel TFT-LCDs (thin film transistor liquid crystal displays) and projection displays which use silicon based spatial light modulators.
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Increasing electronic display information content: An introduction P. M. Alt and K. Noda p. 315
Design and fabrication of a prototype projection data monitor with high information content R. L. Melcher, P. M. Alt, D. B. Dove, T. M. Cipolla, E. G. Colgan, F. E. Doany, K. Enami, K. C. Ho, I. Lovas, C. Narayan, R. S. Olyha, Jr., C. G. Powell, A. E. Rosenbluth, J. L. Sanford, E. S. Schlig, R. N. Singh, T. Tomooka, M. Uda, and K. H. Yang p. 321
On-chip metallization layers for reflective light valves E. G. Colgan and M. Uda p. 339
Silicon light-valve array chip for high-resolution reflective liquid crystal projection displays J. L. Sanford, E. S. Schlig, T. Tomooka, K. Enami, and F. R. Libsch p. 347
Contrast properties of reflective liquid crystal light valves in projection displays A. E. Rosenbluth, D. B. Dove, F. E. Doany, R. N. Singh, K. H. Yang, and M. Lu p. 359
Projection display throughput: Efficiency of optical transmission and light-source collection F. E. Doany, R. N. Singh, A. E. Rosenbluth, and G. L.-T. Chiu p. 387
Nematic LC modes and LC phase gratings for reflective spatial light modulators K. H. Yang and M. Lu p. 401
A one-megapixel reflective spatial light modulator system for holographic storage J. L. Sanford, P. F. Greier, K. H. Yang, M. Lu, R. S. Olyha, Jr., C. Narayan, J. A. Hoffnagle, P. M. Alt, and R. L. Melcher p. 411
A 10.5-in.-diagonal SXGA active-matrix display E. G. Colgan, P. M. Alt, R. L. Wisnieff, P. M. Fryer, E. A. Galligan, W. S. Graham, P. F. Greier, R. R. Horton, H. Ifill, L. C. Jenkins, R. A. John, R. I. Kaufman, Y. Kuo, A. P. Lanzetta, K. F. Latzko, F. R. Libsch, S.-C. A. Lien, S. E. Millman, R. W. Nywening, R. J. Polastre, C. G. Powell, R. A. Rand, J. J. Ritsko, M. B. Rothwell, J. L. Staples, K. W. Warren, J. S. Wilson, and S. L. Wright p. 427
Active line repair for thin-film-transistor liquid crystal displays S. L. Wright, K. W. Warren, P. M. Alt, R. R. Horton, C. Narayan, P. F. Greier, and M. Kodate p. 445
Driving method for gate-delay compensation of TFT/LCD K. Kusafuka, H. Shimizu, and S. Kimura p. 459
Understanding crosstalk in high-resolution color thin-film-transistor liquid crystal displays F. R. Libsch and S.-C. A. Lien p. 467
Thin-film-transistor process-characterization test structures E. G. Colgan, R. J. Polastre, M. Takeichi, and R. L. Wisnieff p. 481
Aluminum-based gate structure for active-matrix liquid crystal displays T. Arai, H. Iiyori, Y. Hiromasu, M. Atsumi, S. Ioku, and K. Furuta p. 491
Evaluation of Al(Nd)-alloy films for application to thin-film-transistor liquid crystal displays H. Takatsuji, E. G. Colgan, C. Cabral, Jr., and J. M. E. Harper p. 501
Application of cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy to thin-film-transistor failure analysis S. Tsuji, K. Tsujimoto, and H. Iwama p. 509
Micropitch connection using anisotropic conductive materials for driver IC attachment to a liquid crystal display H. Nishida, K. Sakamoto, Hideki Ogawa, and Hiromi Ogawa p. 517
A new backlighting system using a polarizing light pipe H. Tanase, J. Mamiya, and M. Suzuki p. 527
Active-matrix display using ion-beam-processed polyimide film for liquid crystal alignment S.-C. A. Lien, P. Chaudhari, J. A. Lacey, R. A. John, and J. L. Speidell p. 537
Recent publications by IBM authors p. 543
Patents p. 553