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Multimedia Systems

Vol. 42, No. 2, 1997

Order No. G322-0212
The steady advances in computing technology for over a decade have brought about a revolution in the way we use computers in our everyday life. The progress to date has also succeeded in modernizing businesses and solving problems that were previously intractable. The advances in multimedia systems, however, promise an even greater change in the personal usage of computers. This issue of the IBM Journal of Research and Development presents some of the important ideas in multimedia and major efforts undertaken at IBM.
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Table of contents
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Preface A. Dan, S. I. Feldman, and D. N. Serpanos, Guest Editors p. 162
Multimedia--An introduction R. J. Flynn and W. H. Tetzlaff p. 165
Evolution and challenges in multimedia A. Dan, S. I. Feldman, an D. N. Serpanos p. 177
Tiger Shark--A scalable file system for multimedia R. L. Haskin p. 185
Design of a video-server complex for interactive television T. Sanuki and Y. Asakawa p. 199
Video-server designs for supporting very large numbers of concurrent users M. Kumar p. 219
Video query: Research directions R. M. Bolle, B.-L. Yeo, and M. M. Yeung p. 233
Progressive search and retrieval in large image archives V. Castelli, L. D. Bergman, I. Kontoyiannis, C.-S. Li, J. T. Robinson, and J. J. Turek p. 253
Bamba--Audio and video streaming over the Internet M. H. Willebeek-LeMair, K. G. Kumar, and E. C. Snible p. 269
MultiMedia Digital Conferencing: A Web-enabled multimedia teleconferencing system C. Bisdikian, S. Brady, Y. N. Doganata, D. A. Foulger, F. Marconcini, M. Mourad, H. L. Operowsky, G. Pacifici, and A. N. Tantawi p. 281
Recent publications by IBM authors p. 299
Patents p. 305