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GMR, oscillatory coupling, and related studies

Vol. 42, No. 1, 1998

Order No. G322-0211
This issue contains nine papers on giant magnetoresistance, oscillatory interlayer exchange coupling in magnetic multilayers, and related studies. A nontopical paper discusses terrestrial cosmic ray intensities.
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Table of contents
Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
The magic of magnetic multilayers S. S. P. Parkin, Guest Editor p. 3
Oscillatory magnetic properties R. Allenspach and W. Weber p. 7
Theory of exchange coupling in magnetic multilayers B. A. Jones p. 25
Electronic states in magnetic nanostructures F. J. Himpsel, T. A. Jung, and P. F. Seidler p. 33
The role of molecular beam epitaxy in research on giant magnetoresistance and interlayer exchange coupling R. F. C. Farrow p. 43
Theory of spin-dependent conductivity in GMR materials R. K. Nesbet p. 53
Magnetic properties of transition-metal multilayers studied with X-ray magnetic circular dichroism spectroscopy J. Stöhr and R. Nakajima p. 73
Magnetotransport in doped manganate perovskites J. Z. Sun, L. Krusin-Elbaum, A. Gupta, Gang Xiao, P. R. Duncombe, and S. S. P. Parkin p. 89
Design, fabrication, and performance of spin-valve read heads for magnetic recording applications C. H. Tsang, R. E. Fontana, Jr., T. Lin, D. E. Heim, B. A. Gurney, and M. L. Williams p. 103
Terrestrial cosmic ray intensities J. F. Ziegler p. 117
Recent publications by IBM authors p. 141
Patents p. 151