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Nontopical issue

Vol. 41, No. 6, 1998

Order No. G322-0210
This nontopical issue includes eight papers on the following topics: four papers on printing technology; cyclic redundancy code; sparse-matrix vector multiplication; fractal curves; and algorithms using recursion.
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Table of contents
Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Papers related to printing
An overview of impact printing J. L. Zable and H.-C. Lee p. 651
Print-quality enhancement in electrophotographic printers M. J. Stanich p. 669
Use of the transform exit sequence in printing and as a framework for the solution of complex problems S. D. Mastie p. 679
Design of component-supply contract with commitment-revision flexibility Y. Bassok, A. Bixby, R. Srinivasan, and H. Z. Wiesel p. 693
Regular papers
A two-step computation of cyclic redundancy code CRC-32 for ATM networks R. J. Glaise p. 705
Improving the memory-system performance of sparse-matrix vector multiplication S. Toledo p. 711
A study of the representation of fractal curves by L systems and their equivalences M. Alfonseca and A. Ortega p. 727
Recursion leads to automatic variable blocking for dense linear-algebra algorithms F. G. Gustavson p. 737
Recent publications IBM authors p. 757
Recent IBM patents p. 769
Author index for Volume 41 p. 775
Subject index for Volume 41 p. 779