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Optical lithography

Vol. 41, No. 1/2, 1997

Order No. G322-0207
Fourteen papers in this issue focus on the topic of optical lithography from manufacturing, development, and research perspectives. A fifteenth lithography paper discusses research on the use of self-assembling materials (SAMs) to form patterns on substrates. A nontopical paper covers algorithms for graph partitioning and sparse-matrix ordering.
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Table of contents
Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Optical lithography: Introduction G. L.-T. Chiu and J. M. Shaw, p. 3
Lithography and optical exposure tools
Manufacturing with DUV lithography S. J. Holmes, P. H. Mitchell, and M. C. Hakey, p. 7
Advanced DUV photolithography in a pilot lineenvironment C. P. Ausschnitt, A. C. Thomas, and T. J. Wiltshire p. 21
High-numerical-aperture optical designs R. N. Singh, A. E. Rosenbluth, G. L.-T. Chiu, and J. S. Wilczynski p. 39
Lithography at a wavelength of 193 nm M. Rothschild, A. R. Forte, R. R. Kunz, S. C. Palmateer, and J. H. C. Sedlacek p. 49
Impact of lens aberrations on optical lithography T. A. Brunner p. 57
Chemical amplification resists: History and development within IBM H. Ito p. 69
Negative photoresists for optical lithography J. M. Shaw, J. D. Gelorme, N. C. LaBianca, W. E. Conley, and S. J. Holmes p. 81
Photoresists for 193-nm lithography R. D. Allen, G. M. Wallraff, D. C. Hofer, and R. R. Kunz p. 95
Thin-film imaging: Past, present, prognosis D. E. Seeger, D. C. La Tulipe, Jr., R. R. Kunz, C. M. Garza, and M. A. Hanratty p. 105
Lithographic measurement tool
Development and application of a new tool for lithographic mask evaluation, the stepper equivalent Aerial Image Measurement System, AIMS R. A. Budd, D. B. Dove, J. L. Staples, R. M. Martino, R. A. Ferguson, and J. T. Weed p. 119
Laser ablation
Large-field scanning laser ablation system F. E. Doany, T. Ainsworth, N. Bobroff, D. Goodman, and A. E. Rosenbluth p. 131
Masks for laser ablation technology: New requirements and challenges J. L. Speidell, D. P. Pulaski, and R. S. Patel p. 143
Laser release process to obtain freestanding multilayer metal-polyimide circuits F. E. Doany and C. Narayan p. 151
Nonoptical lithography
Lithography beyond light: Microcontact printing with monolayer resists H. A. Biebuyck, N. B. Larsen, E. Delamarche, and B. Michel p. 159
Regular papers
Fast and effective algorithms for graph partitioning and sparse-matrix ordering A. Gupta p. 171
Recent publications by IBM authors p. 185
Recent IBM patents p. 195