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IBM ASIC design and testing

Vol. 40, No. 4, 1996

Order No. G322-0204
The papers in this issue describe some of the methodologies and tools recently developed by IBM for use in ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) design, as well as some applications to actual product design for both IBM and IBM customers.
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Please note: All papers are available in PDF format. A feature paper and abstracts are available in HTML.
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Preface E. P. Hsieh and M. D. O'Neill p. 376
Technology-migratable ASIC library design T. R. Bednar, R. A. Piro, D. W. Stout, L. Wissel, and P. S. Zuchowski p. 377
Design methodology for IBM ASIC products J. J. Engel, T. S. Guzowski, A. Hunt, D. E. Lackey, L. D. Pickup, R. A. Proctor, K. Reynolds, A. M. Rincon, and D. R. Stauffer p. 387
BooleDozer: Logic synthesis for ASICs L. Stok, D. S. Kung, D. Brand, A. D. Drumm, A. J. Sullivan, L. N. Reddy, N. Hieter, D. J. Geiger, H. H. Chao, and P. J. Osler p. 407
Design planning for high-performance ASICs J. Y. Sayah, R. Gupta, D. D. Sherlekar, P. S. Honsinger, J. M. Apte, S. W. Bollinger, H. H. Chen, S. DasGupta, E. P. Hsieh, A. D. Huber, E. J. Hughes, Z. M. Kurzum, V. B. Rao, T. Tabtieng, V. Valijan, and D. Y. Yang p. 431
Circuit placement, chip optimization, and wire routing for IBM IC technology D. J. Hathaway, R. R. Habra, E. C. Schanzenbach, and S. J. Rothman p. 453
Test methodologies and design automation for IBM ASICs P. S. Gillis, T. S. Guzowski, B. L. Keller, and R. H. Kerr p. 461
IC technology and ASIC design for the Cray J90 supercomputer D. J. Poli, M. S. Berry, and J. N. Kruchowski p. 475
Design considerations for Digital's PowerStorm graphics processor C. Gianos and D. Hobson p. 485
PowerPC AS A10 64-bit RISC microprocessor J. W. Bishop, M. J. Campion, T. L. Jeremiah, S. J. Mercier, E. J. Mohring, K. P. Pfarr, B. G. Rudolph, G. S. Still, and T. S. White p. 495
Recent IBM patents p. 507