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Nontopical issue

Vol. 40, No. 3, 1996

Order No. G322-0203
This nontopical issue contains five papers on the following topics: a review of thin-film inductive recording head technology; the IBM 3495 Tape Library Dataserver; technical issues in developing high-quality optical disk recording media; storage control cache resource management; and the Document Recognition System (DRS), which facilitates the conversion of printed documents into electronic form.
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Please note: All papers are available in PDF format. A feature paper and abstracts are available in HTML.
Table of contents
Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Thin-film inductive heads A. Chiu, I. Croll, D. E. Heim, R. E. Jones, Jr., P. Kasiraj, C. D. Mee, and R. G. Simmons p. 283
The IBM 3495 robotics and vision system G. T. Kishi p. 301
Optical data storage media T. W. McDaniel and P. C. Arnett p. 311
Storage control cache resource management: Increasing diversity, increasing effectiveness D. A. Burton and B. McNutt p. 331
A document recognition system and its applications A. Yamashita, T. Amano, Y. Hirayama, N. Itoh, S. Katoh, T. Mano, and K. Toyokawa p. 341
Recent publications by IBM authors p. 353
Recent IBM patents p. 367
Erratum p. 374