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Services, Applications, and Solutions

Vol. 40, No. 2, 1996

Order No. G322-0202
In keeping with renewed emphasis within IBM to accelerate delivery of solutions to the marketplace, IBM's Research Division has implemented a Services, Applications, and Solutions strategy by which resident technologies and skills are brought to bear on customer problems through means which lie outside traditional product lines. This strategy comprises a collaboration among the Research Division, worldwide Industry Solution Units, other IBM divisions, and customers from a broad range of industries. This special issue of the IBM Journal of Research and Development contains papers describing a variety of solutions which are a result of this activity.
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Please note: All papers are available in PDF format. A feature paper and abstracts are available in HTML.
Table of contents
Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Preface by Peter S. Hauge p. 138
Toward on-line, worldwide access to Vatican Library materials F. C. Mintzer, L. E. Boyle, A. N. Cazes, B. S. Christian, S. C. Cox, F. P. Giordano, H. M. Gladney, J. C. Lee, M. L. Kelmanson, A. C. Lirani, K. A. Magerlein, A. M. B. Pavani, and F. Schiattarella p. 139
An overview of computer-integrated surgery at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center R. H. Taylor, J. Funda, L. Joskowicz, A. D. Kalvin, S. H. Gomory, A. P. Gueziec, and L. M. G. Brown p. 163
Integrated medical-image system for cancer research and treatment R. Ohbuchi, T. Miyazawa, M. Aono, A. Koide, M. Kimura, and R. Yoshida p. 185
Automated forms-processing software and services S. Gopisetty, R. Lorie, J. Mao, M. Mohiuddin, A. Sorin, and E. Yair p. 211
Primary production scheduling at steelmaking industries H. S. Lee, S. S. Murthy, S. W. Haider, and D. V. Morse p. 231
A proposed mode for triple-DES encryption D. Coppersmith, D. B. Johnson, and S. M. Matyas p. 253
Recent publications by IBM authors p. 263
Recent IBM patents p. 275