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POWER2 and PowerPC architecture

Vol. 38, No. 5, 1994

Order No. G322-0194
During the four years since the RISC System/6000® (RS/6000) announcement in February of 1990, IBM has strengthened its product line with microprocessor enhancements, increased memory capacity, improved graphics, greatly expanded I/O adapters, and new AIX® and compiler releases. This special issue of the IBM Journal of Research and Development focuses on the POWER2 and PowerPC portions of IBM's wide-ranging announcement in the Fall of 1993. The new POWER2 processor nearly doubles the performance of the earlier high-end models.
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Preface P. D. Hester, Vice President, RISC System/6000 Division and W. J. Filip, IBM Vice President and President, RISC System/6000 Division p. 490
POWER2: Next generation of the RISC System/6000 family S. W. White and S. Dhawan p. 493
POWER2 fixed-point, data cache, and storage control units D. J. Shippy and T. W. Griffith p. 503
POWER2 floating-point unit: Architecture and implementation T. N. Hicks, R. E. Fry, and P. E. Harvey p. 525
POWER2 instruction cache unit J. I. Barreh, R. T. Golla, L. B. Arimilli, and P. J. Jordan p. 537
The POWER2 performance monitor E. H. Welbon, C. C. Chan-Nui, D. J. Shippy, and D. A. Hicks p. 545
Commercial workload performance in the IBM POWER2 RISC System/6000 processor M. T. Franklin, W. P. Alexander, R. Jauhari, A. M. G. Maynard, and B. R. Olszewski p. 555
Exploiting functional parallelism of POWER2 to design high-performance numerical algorithms R. C. Agarwal, F. G. Gustavson, and M. Zubair p. 563
Instruction scheduling in the TOBEY compiler R. J. Blainey p. 577
Trace-directed program restructuring for AIX executables R. R. Heisch p. 595
Design considerations for the PowerPC 601 microprocessor M. T. Vaden, L. J. Merkel, C. R. Moore, T. M. Potter, and R. J. Reese p. 605
Implementation of the PowerPC 601 microprocessor T. B. Brodnax, R. V. Billings, S. C. Glenn, and P. T. Patel p. 621
Recent publications IBM authors in other journals p. 633
Patents recently issued to IBM inventors p. 641