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IBM Journal of Research and Development

Internet and Enterprise-Scale Data Centers   Abstract

IBM Research Division cloud computing initiative

by M. Naghshineh,
R. Ratnaparkhi,
D. Dillenberger,
J. R. Doran,
C. Dorai,
L. Anderson,
G. Pacifici,
J. L. Snowdon,
A. Azagury,
M. VanderWiele,
and Y. Wolfsthal
Cloud computing represents the latest phase in the evolution of Internet-based computing. In this paper, we describe the fundamental building blocks of cloud computing and the initiative undertaken by the IBM Research Division in this area, which includes work on Internet-scale data centers, virtualization, scalable storage, and cloud computing services. The focus of this project has been the Research Compute Cloud, an environment for cloud computing research that is also used as a computing resource by various groups in the IBM Research Division.

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