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IBM Journal of Research and Development

Internet and Enterprise-Scale Data Centers   Abstract

Security for the cloud infrastructure: Trusted virtual data center implementation

by S. Berger,
R. Cáceres,
K. Goldman,
D. Pendarakis,
R. Perez,
J. R. Rao,
E. Rom,
R. Sailer,
W. Schildhauer,
D. Srinivasan,
S. Tal,
and E. Valdez
The trusted virtual data center (TVDc) is a technology developed to address the need for strong isolation and integrity guarantees in virtualized environments. In this paper, we extend previous work on the TVDc by implementing controlled access to networked storage based on security labels and by implementing management prototypes that demonstrate the enforcement of isolation constraints and integrity checking. In addition, we extend the management paradigm for the TVDc with a hierarchical administration model based on trusted virtual domains and describe the challenges for future research.

Full paper

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