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IBM Journal of Research and Development

IBM z10 System   Abstract

Packaging design challenges of the IBM System z10 Enterprise Class server

by T.-M. Winkel
H. Harrer
D. Kaller
J. Supper
D. M. Dreps
K. L. Christian
D. Cosmadelis
T. Zhou
T. Strach
J. Ludwig
and D. L. Edwards
This paper describes the system packaging and technologies of the IBM System z10™ high-end Enterprise Class server. This machine exceeds the multiprocessor performance of the previous system by 50%. A new generation of the IBM Elastic Interface was developed in order to maintain the increased interconnect signal speed of up to 2.93 Gb/s. Power control and power delivery to the multicore processors were a special challenge for the server packaging because of the high currents and the high number of voltage domains.

Full paper

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