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For other inquiries contact:
- Cliff Pickover, Editor-in-Chief: cliffp /at/ us dot ibm dot com
- Rachel D. Henriquez, Staff Editor

To submit a paper, see the Author's Guide. Our space is very limited, and we generally publish on particular themes. We suggest you first query the Editor-in-Chief by submitting an Abstract only, so that we can determine if the topic of your proposed paper is appropriate for a particular issue theme.

A Sampling of Recent Themes

See recent array of covers here.

59(6): "Technologies for Educational Transformation"
59(4/5): "IBM z13 Technology and Design"
59(2/3): "Multimedia and Visual Analytics"
59(1): "IBM POWER8 Technology"

58(5/6): "Smarter Commerce"
58(4): "Smarter Finance"
58(2/3): "Software Defined Environments"
58(1): "Cybersecurity for a Smarter Planet"

57(6): "Mobile Computing and IBM POWER7+ Technologies"
57(5): "Disaster Recovery and Resilient Computing"
57(3/4): "Massive-Scale Analytics"
57(1/2): "IBM Blue Gene/Q"

56(6): "IT-Enabled Business Transformation at IBM"
56(5): "Technologies for Healthcare Transformation"
56(3/4): "This is Watson"
56(1/2): "IBM zEnterprise Systems and Technology"
55(6): "Cloud Computing"
55(5): "Frontiers of Information Technology"
55(4): "Cathode Lens Microscopy for Nanoscience"
55(3): "IBM POWER7 Technology and Systems"
55(1/2): "Smarter Cities"

54(6): "Technology from Emerging-Market Countries"
54(5): "Commercial Software for Multicore Systems"
54(4): "Technologies for a Smarter Planet"
54(3): "Business Integrity and Risk Management"
54(2): "Business Value through Software Development"
54(1): "Network-Optimized Computing"

Vol. 53, No. 6: "Global Service Delivery Technologies"
Vol. 53, No. 5: "Hybrid Computing Systems"
Vol. 53, No. 4: "Internet and Enterprise-Scale Data Centers"
Vol. 53, No. 3: "Environmental Monitoring and Management"
Vol. 53, No. 2: "Harmonizing Security and Privacy"
Vol. 53, No. 1: "IBM z10 System"

Vol. 52, No. 6: "3D Chip Technology"
Vol. 52, No. 4/5: "Storage Technologies and Systems"
Vol. 52, No. 3: "Soft Errors in Circuits and Systems"
Vol. 52, No. 1/2: "Applications of Massively Parallel Systems"

Vol. 51, No. 6: "IBM POWER6 Microprocessor Technology"
Vol. 51, No. 5: "Cell Broadband Engine Technology and Systems"
Vol. 51, No. 3/4: "Business Optimization"
Vol. 51, No. 1/2: "IBM System z9"

Vol. 50, No. 6: "Systems Biology"
Vol. 50, No. 4/5: "Advanced Silicon Technology"
Vol. 50, No. 2/3: "Exploratory Systems Research"
Vol. 50, No. 1: "Spintronics"

Note that issues beginning in 2009 of the IBM Journal of Research and Development and the IBM Systems Journal are combined into one online only publication.

Journal Staff

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    IBM Journal of Research and Development

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    Staff Editor
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