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IBM Technical Journals

Special report: Celebrating 50 years of the IBM Journals
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Computing Methodologies

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Comments, abstracts, and links to full papers may be viewed by clicking on the title.

Finite automata and their decision problems (JRD 1959) by M. O. Rabin and D. Scott

Generalized Kraft inequality and arithmetic coding (JRD 1976) by J. J. Rissanen

IBM contributions to computer performance modeling (JRD 1981) by Y. Bard and C. H. Sauer

Efficient randomized pattern-matching algorithms (JRD 1987) by R. M. Karp and M. O. Rabin

Building an example application with the Unstructured Information Management Architecture (SJ 2004) by D. Ferrucci and A. Lally

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