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IBM Technical Journals

Special report: Celebrating 50 years of the IBM Journals
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Device Materials and Processes

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Comments, abstracts, and links to full papers may be viewed by clicking on the title.

Controlled collapse reflow chip joining (JRD 1969) by L. F. Miller

Reduction of electromigration in aluminum films by copper doping (JRD 1970) by I. Ames, F. M. d'Heurle, and R. E. Horstmann

Low-temperature Si and Si:Ge epitaxy by ultrahigh-vacuum/chemical vapor deposition: Process fundamentals (JRD 1990) by B. S. Meyerson

Advancing the state of the art in high-performance logic and array technology (JRD 1992) by K. H. Brown et al.

CMOS scaling in the 0.1-μm, 1.X-volt regime for high-performance applications (JRD 1995) by G. G. Shahidi et al.

VLSI on-chip interconnection performance simulations and measurements (JRD 1995) by D. C. Edelstein et al.

Terrestrial cosmic rays (JRD 1996) by J. F. Ziegler

Chemical amplification resists: History and development within IBM (JRD 1997) by H. Ito

Damascene copper electroplating for chip interconnections (JRD 1998) by P. C. Andricacos et al.

The future of magnetic data storage technology (JRD 2000) by D. A. Thompson and J. S. Best

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