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IBM Technical Journals

Special report: Celebrating 50 years of the IBM Journals
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Applications of Information Technology

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Comments, abstracts, and links to full papers may be viewed by clicking on the title.

Economic evaluation of management information systems (SJ 1963) by D. F. Boyd and H. S. Krasnow

Concepts of financial models (SJ 1973) by P. L. Kingston

A framework for information systems architecture (SJ 1987) by J. A. Zachman

Strategic alignment: Leveraging information technology for transforming organizations (SJ 1993) by J. C. Henderson and N. Venkatraman

Beyond re-engineering: The three phases of business transformation (SJ 1993) by W. H. Davidson

Managing business processes as an information resource (SJ 1994) by F. Leymann and W. Altenhuber

DiscoveryLink: A system for integrated access to life sciences data sources (SJ 2001) by L. M. Haas et al.

Introduction to Web services architecture (SJ 2002) by K. Gottschalk, S. Graham, H. Kreger, and J. Snell

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