In this ISMM we will have a Wild and Crazy ideas session.


This will be a forum for ideas that are wacky, controversial, and provocative, which will hopefully generate passionate arguments amongst the attendees, but will also leave the audience with a lot of food for thought. The format of the session will be as follows. Each presenter will have exactly five (5) minutes and up to three (3) slides to make their case. The presentation will be followed by a discussion with the audience.


So, if you would like to share your ideas with us (whether it is your blurred vision of where the community should be heading to, your idea of what garbage collectors and LEGO sets have in common, or the wild dream you had about write barriers last Spring), this is your chance. Please send us a 1-2 (no more!) paragraph e-mail at the address below (only plain text please), outlining what you'll talk about and we will choose 4 or 5 of them for presentation. We will accept submissions up to two weeks before the conference (Sunday, October 10, 5pm EST) and we will send out notifications a week later (Monday, October 18).


Coordinator: Tony Printezis (