Sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN

October 24-25, 2004

Vancouver, British Columbia


(co-located with OOPSLA 2004)

ISMM is a forum for research in management of dynamically allocated memory. Areas of interest include but are not limited to: explicit storage allocation and deallocation; garbage collection algorithms and implementations; compiler analyses to aid memory management; interactions with languages, operating systems, and hardware, especially the memory system; and empirical studies of allocation and referencing behavior in programs that make significant use of dynamic memory.

ISMM 2004 continues the tradition of the successful conference series established with the International Workshops on Memory Management held in 1992 and 1995. Since 1998 ISMM has been held semi-annually, co-located with either OOPSLA or PLDI.

This year ISMM will include two tutorials of special interest to researchers working in memory management. The first tutorial is on the Java Memory toolkit (MMTk), a framework for construction of garbage collectors within the open-source Jikes Research Virtual Machine; the second tutorial is on the Boehm-Demers-Weiser conservative collector. The tutorials will take place on the afternoon preceding the ISMM conference.

Proceedings of the IWMM workshops are available from Springer-Verlag (Lecture Notes in Computer Science nos. 637 and 986), while the ISMM proceedings are published by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).


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May 14, 2004

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June 28, 2004

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July 26, 2004