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The World is Our Laboratory

Modha's Brain Chip

Repsol and IBM: Team up to transform the oil business

Lake George analytics

Jefferson Project: Predicting the future of Lake George

TrueNorth chip

Brain Power: What is a cognitive chip?

IBM Research Features: Select Cognitive Systems Colloquium Presentations

Inside IBM Research

IBM Accessibility

  • IBM CAO Frances West

    Accessibility at IBM means enabling IT hardware, software and Web application products so they can be used by more people.

IBM Journal of R&D

  • RD Journal November Issue

    The IBM Journal of Research and Development is a peer-reviewed technical journal, published bimonthly, which features the work of authors in the science, technology and engineering of information systems.

Ponder This

  • Ponder This

    Are you a professional problem solver? If so, we invite you to submit your Ponder This solution. If you're successful, we'll post your name to the list of people who answered correctly.