IBM Quantum Experience

The IBM Quantum Experience enables anyone to easily connect to IBM’s quantum processor via the IBM Cloud, to run algorithms and experiments, work with individual quantum bits, and explore tutorials and simulations around what might be possible with quantum computing.

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Ways to access the Quantum Experience


Run algorithms and experiments on IBM’s quantum processor via IBM Cloud, work with individual qubits, explore tutorials and simulations.


Add quantum capability into your applications using familiar tools and programming languages with a new API. IBM plans to soon release a full SDK on the IBM Quantum Experience for users to build simple quantum applications and software programs that can leverage this capability.



Connect with researchers, students, and general science enthusiasts hands-on access to IBM’s experimental, cloud-enabled quantum computing platform.

Accelerating quantum research

To date, 15 third-party research papers have been posted to arXiv, an online archive of scientific papers, with five of them published in leading journals, all based on experiments run on the Quantum Experience.

Featured publications

ProjectQ: An open source software framework for quantum computing

Damian S. Steiger, Thomas Häner, Matthias Troyer


Quintuple: a Python 5-qubit quantum computer simulator to facilitate cloud quantum computing

Christine Corbett Moran


Experimental test of Mermin inequalities on a 5-qubit quantum computer

Daniel Alsina, José Ignacio Latorre


Demonstration of entanglement assisted invariance on IBM's Quantum Experience

Sebastian Deffner


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A developer's take on the quantum API

Learn how a developer can leverage the new quantum API


Quantum ecosystem

IBM scientists delivered a new quantum API to enable users to begin building interfaces between quantum and classical computers.


Tour the IBM Q lab

See where IBM scientists are building a quantum computer at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center.


Quantum Volume

As the sophistication of early universal quantum computers grows over the next few years, a key measure of their capability will be the Quantum Volume of the system.


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