[Over 250 speech patents]

IBM Patents in Speech Recognition and Synthesis

IBM has been a pioneer in speech technology for over 30 years. You can read about many of the inventions developed at IBM using the Delphion IPN patent server . Just click on any of the patent numbers below.

You can also access patents by number at the US Patent and Trademark Office web site.

6499015 Voice interaction method for a computer graphical user interface
6496799 End-of-utterance determination for voice processing
6493667 Enhanced likelihood computation using regression in a speech recognition system
6490560 Method and system for non-intrusive speaker verification using behavior models
6484136 Language model adaptation via network of similar users
6477500 Text independent speaker recognition with simultaneous speech recognition for transparent command ambiguity resolution and continuous access control
6477493 Off site voice enrollment on a transcription device for speech recognition
6470314 Method and apparatus for rapid adapt via cumulative distribution function matching for continuous speech
6463412 High performance voice transformation apparatus and method
6457031 Method of marking previously dictated text for deferred correction in a speech recognition proofreader
6453292 Command boundary identifier for conversational natural language
6442522 Bi-directional natural language system for interfacing with multiple back-end applications
6442519 Speaker model adaptation via network of similar users
6434520 System and method for indexing and querying audio archives
6424946 Methods and apparatus for unknown speaker labeling using concurrent speech recognition, segmentation, classification and clustering
6421645 Methods and apparatus for concurrent speech recognition, speaker segmentation and speaker classification
6421641 Methods and apparatus for fast adaptation of a band-quantized speech decoding system
6418410 Smart correction of dictated speech
6411933 Methods and apparatus for correlating biometric attributes and biometric attribute production features
6385579 Methods and apparatus for forming compound words for use in a continuous speech recognition system
6377913 Method and system for multi-client access to a dialog system
6374216 Penalized maximum likelihood estimation methods, the baum welch algorithm and diagonal balancing of symmetric matrices for the training of acoustic models in speech recognition
6374214 Method and apparatus for excluding text phrases during re-dictation in a speech recognition system
6370503 Method and apparatus for improving speech recognition accuracy
6366885 Speech driven lip synthesis using viseme based hidden markov models
6360201 Method and apparatus for activating and deactivating auxiliary topic libraries in a speech dictation system
6347300 Speech correction apparatus and method
6347296 Correcting speech recognition without first presenting alternatives
6345254 Method and apparatus for improving speech command recognition accuracy using event-based constraints
6345253 Method and apparatus for retrieving audio information using primary and supplemental indexes
6345252 Methods and apparatus for retrieving audio information using content and speaker information
6345249 Automatic analysis of a speech dictated document
6343270 Method for increasing dialect precision and usability in speech recognition and text-to-speech systems
6342903 User selectable input devices for speech applications
6338038 Variable speed audio playback in speech recognition proofreader
6334102 Method of adding vocabulary to a speech recognition system
6332122 Transcription system for multiple speakers, using and establishing identification
6327566 Method and apparatus for correcting misinterpreted voice commands in a speech recognition system
6327561 Customized tokenization of domain specific text via rules corresponding to a speech recognition vocabulary
6327343 System and methods for automatic call and data transfer processing
6324507 Speech recognition enrollment for non-readers and displayless devices
6324506 Apparatus and method for automatically generating punctuation marks continuous speech recognition
6324499 Noise recognizer for speech recognition systems
6321196 Phonetic spelling for speech recognition
6314397 Method and apparatus for propagating corrections in speech recognition software
6314396 Automatic gain control in a speech recognition system
6311150 Method and system for hierarchical natural language understanding
6308157 Method and apparatus for providing an event-based "What-Can-I-Say?" window
6308151 Method and system using a speech recognition system to dictate a body of text in response to an available body of text
6304841 Automatic construction of conditional exponential models from elementary features
6289085 Voice mail system, voice synthesizing device and method therefor
6286014 Method and apparatus for acquiring a file to be linked
6285785 Message recognition employing integrated speech and handwriting information
6282268 Voice processing system
6278772 Voice recognition of telephone conversations
6275805 Maintaining input device identity
6275803 Updating a language model based on a function-word to total-word ratio
6275801 Non-leaf node penalty score assignment system and method for improving acoustic fast match speed in large vocabulary systems
6275792 Method and system for generating a minimal set of test phrases for testing a natural commands grammar
6269335 Apparatus and methods for identifying homophones among words in a speech recognition system
6269334 Nongaussian density estimation for the classification of acoustic feature vectors in speech recognition
6266637 Phrase splicing and variable substitution using a trainable speech synthesizer
6266571 Adaptively configuring an audio interface according to selected audio output device
6263375 Method for creating dictation macros
6260015 Method and interface for correcting speech recognition errors for character languages
6260014 Specific task composite acoustic models
6253179 Method and apparatus for multi-environment speaker verification
6253177 Method and system for automatically determining whether to update a language model based upon user amendments to dictated text
6253175 Wavelet-based energy binning cepstal features for automatic speech recognition
6249763 Speech recognition apparatus and method
6246990 Conversation management in speech recognition interfaces
6246982 Method for measuring distance between collections of distributions
6246981 Natural language task-oriented dialog manager and method
6246751 Apparatus and methods for user identification to deny access or service to unauthorized users
6236968 Sleep prevention dialog based car system
6233560 Method and apparatus for presenting proximal feedback in voice command systems
6219644 Audio-only user speech interface with audio template
6219640 Methods and apparatus for audio-visual speaker recognition and utterance verification
6219638 Telephone messaging and editing system
6219407 Apparatus and method for improved digit recognition and caller identification in telephone mail messaging
6205427 Voice output apparatus and a method thereof
6199043 Conversation management in speech recognition interfaces
6199041 System and method for sampling rate transformation in speech recognition
6195641 Network universal spoken language vocabulary
6195640 Audio reader
6195637 Marking and deferring correction of misrecognition errors
6192343 Speech command input recognition system for interactive computer display with term weighting means used in interpreting potential commands from relevant speech terms
6192337 Apparatus and methods for rejecting confusible words during training associated with a speech recognition system
6188983 Method for dynamically altering text-to-speech (TTS) attributes of a TTS engine not inherently capable of dynamic attribute alteration
6188976 Apparatus and method for building domain-specific language models
6185530 Apparatus and methods for identifying potential acoustic confusibility among words in a speech recognition system
6185529 Speech recognition aided by lateral profile image
6185527 System and method for automatic audio content analysis for word spotting, indexing, classification and retrieval
6182046 Managing voice commands in speech applications
6182044 System and methods for analyzing and critiquing a vocal performance
6182037 Speaker recognition over large population with fast and detailed matches
6178401 Method for reducing search complexity in a speech recognition system
6175820 Capture and application of sender voice dynamics to enhance communication in a speech-to-text environment
6163767 Speech recognition method and system for recognizing single or un-correlated Chinese characters
6161090 Apparatus and methods for speaker verification/identification/classification employing non-acoustic and/or acoustic models and databases
6157910 Deferred correction file transfer for updating a speech file by creating a file log of corrections
6138099 Automatically updating language models
6119086 Speech coding via speech recognition and synthesis based on pre-enrolled phonetic tokens
6119085 Reconciling recognition and text to speech vocabularies
6115820 Determining theft of grammar code
6108592 Voice-controlled motorized wheelchair with sensors and displays
6107935 Systems and methods for access filtering employing relaxed recognition constraints
6101472 Data processing system and method for navigating a network using a voice command
6101470 Methods for generating pitch and duration contours in a text to speech system
6100882 Textual recording of contributions to audio conference using speech recognition
6098042 Homograph filter for speech synthesis system
6092039 Symbiotic automatic speech recognition and vocoder
6092038 System and method for providing lossless compression of n-gram language models in a real-time decoder
6092034 Statistical translation system and method for fast sense disambiguation and translation of large corpora using fertility models and sense models
6088669 Speech recognition with attempted speaker recognition for speaker model prefetching or alternative speech modeling
6085159 Displaying voice commands with multiple variables
6081780 TTS and prosody based authoring system
6081772 Proofreading aid based on closed-class vocabulary
6078807 Telephony fraud detection using voice recognition techniques
6075534 Multiple function graphical user interface minibar for speech recognition
6073146 System and method for processing chinese language text
6073101 Text independent speaker recognition for transparent command ambiguity resolution and continuous access control
6073096 Speaker adaptation system and method based on class-specific pre-clustering training speakers
6073095 Fast vocabulary independent method and apparatus for spotting words in speech
6073091 Apparatus and method for forming a filtered inflected language model for automatic speech recognition
6067517 Transcription of speech data with segments from acoustically dissimilar environments
6067514 Method for automatically punctuating a speech utterance in a continuous speech recognition system
6067084 Configuring microphones in an audio interface
6064965 Combined audio playback in speech recognition proofreader
6064961 Display for proofreading text
6061646 Kiosk for multiple spoken languages
6058205 System and method for partitioning the feature space of a classifier in a pattern classification system
6049767 Method for estimation of feature gain and training starting point for maximum entropy/minimum divergence probability models
6044344 Constrained corrective training for continuous parameter system
6041301 Configuring an audio interface with contingent microphone setup
6041300 System and method of using pre-enrolled speech sub-units for efficient speech synthesis
6035271 Statistical methods and apparatus for pitch extraction in speech recognition, synthesis and regeneration
6023678 Using TTS to fill in for missing dictation audio
6023673 Hierarchical labeler in a speech recognition system
6017219 System and method for interactive reading and language instruction
6016136 Configuring audio interface for multiple combinations of microphones and speakers
6014615 System and method for processing morphological and syntactical analyses of inputted Chinese language phrases
6009392 Training speech recognition by matching audio segment frequency of occurrence with frequency of words and letter combinations in a corpus
6009387 System and method of compression/decompressing a speech signal by using split vector quantization and scalar quantization
6006183 Speech recognition confidence level display
5995934 Method for recognizing alpha-numeric strings in a Chinese speech recognition system
5995933 Configuring an audio interface contingent on sound card compatibility
5995931 Method for modeling and recognizing speech including word liaisons
5991710 Statistical translation system with features based on phrases or groups of words
5987404 Statistical natural language understanding using hidden clumpings
5983184 Hyper text control through voice synthesis
5974383 Configuring an audio mixer in an audio interface
5974382 Configuring an audio interface with background noise and speech
5970453 Method and system for synthesizing speech
5970451 Method for correcting frequently misrecognized words or command in speech application
5970239 Apparatus and method for performing model estimation utilizing a discriminant measure
5963905 Method and apparatus for improving acoustic fast match speed using a cache for phone probabilities
5956671 Apparatus and methods for shift invariant speech recognition
5953701 Speech recognition models combining gender-dependent and gender-independent phone states and using phonetic-context-dependence
5953700 Portable acoustic interface for remote access to automatic speech/speaker recognition server
5949961 Word syllabification in speech synthesis system
5949887 Method and graphical user interface for configuring an audio system
5943649 Configuring an audio interface for different microphone types
5937385 Method and apparatus for creating speech recognition grammars constrained by counter examples
5937383 Apparatus and methods for speech recognition including individual or speaker class dependent decoding history caches for fast word acceptance or rejection
5930749 Monitoring, identification, and selection of audio signal poles with characteristic behaviors, for separation and synthesis of signal contributions
5924070 Corporate voice dialing with shared directories
5920841 Speech supported navigation of a pointer in a graphical user interface
5909667 Method and apparatus for fast voice selection of error words in dictated text
5899973 Method and apparatus for adapting the language model's size in a speech recognition system
5897618 Data processing system and method for switching between programs having a same title using a voice command
5897616 Apparatus and methods for speaker verification/identification/classification employing non-acoustic and/or acoustic models and databases
5897614 Method and apparatus for sibilant classification in a speech recognition system
5895447 Speech recognition using thresholded speaker class model selection or model adaptation
5893063 Data processing system and method for dynamically accessing an application using a voice command
5884265 Method and system for selective display of voice activated commands dialog box
5875426 Recognizing speech having word liaisons by adding a phoneme to reference word models
5873064 Multi-action voice macro method
5864819 Internal window object tree method for representing graphical user interface applications for speech navigation
5864805 Method and apparatus for error correction in a continuous dictation system
5848163 Method and apparatus for suppressing background music or noise from the speech input of a speech recognizer
5835888 Statistical language model for inflected languages
5832441 Creating speech models
5822718 Device and method for performing diagnostics on a microphone
5819225 Display indications of speech processing states in speech recognition system
5806021 Automatic segmentation of continuous text using statistical approaches
5805832 System for parametric text to text language translation
5802251 Method and system for reducing perplexity in speech recognition via caller identification
5799278 Speech recognition system and method using a hidden markov model adapted to recognize a number of words and trained to recognize a greater number of phonetically dissimilar words.
5797122 Method and system using separate context and constituent probabilities for speech recognition in languages with compound words
5787394 State-dependent speaker clustering for speaker adaptation
5787231 Method and system for improving pronunciation in a voice control system
5774854 Text to speech system
5774525 Method and apparatus utilizing dynamic questioning to provide secure access control
5768603 Method and system for natural language translation
5768474 Method and system for noise-robust speech processing with cochlea filters in an auditory model
5764852 Method and apparatus for speech recognition for distinguishing non-speech audio input events from speech audio input events
5761631 Parsing method and system for natural language processing
5751905 Statistical acoustic processing method and apparatus for speech recognition using a toned phoneme system
5748974 Multimodal natural language interface for cross-application tasks
5729656 Reduction of search space in speech recognition using phone boundaries and phone ranking
5715368 Speech synthesis system and method utilizing phenome information and rhythm imformation
5696879 Method and apparatus for improved voice transmission
5682501 Speech synthesis system
5680509 Method and apparatus for estimating phone class probabilities a-posteriori using a decision tree
5671330 Speech synthesis using glottal closure instants determined from adaptively-thresholded wavelet transforms
5671328 Method and apparatus for automatic creation of a voice recognition template entry
5664061 Interactive computer system recognizing spoken commands
5657425 Location dependent verbal command execution in a computer based control system
5649060 Automatic indexing and aligning of audio and text using speech recognition
5640487 Building scalable n-gram language models using maximum likelihood maximum entropy n-gram models
5636325 Speech synthesis and analysis of dialects
5621809 Computer program product for automatic recognition of a consistent message using multiple complimentary sources of information
5615299 Speech recognition using dynamic features
5615296 Continuous speech recognition and voice response system and method to enable conversational dialogues with microprocessors
5561736 Three dimensional speech synthesis
5544277 Speech coding apparatus and method for generating acoustic feature vector component values by combining values of the same features for multiple time intervals
5524169 Method and system for location-specific speech recognition
5522011 Speech coding apparatus and method using classification rules
5513298 Instantaneous context switching for speech recognition systems
5510981 Language translation apparatus and method using context-based translation models
5502791 Speech recognition by concatenating fenonic allophone hidden Markov models in parallel among subwords
5502774 Automatic recognition of a consistent message using multiple complimentary sources of information
5497447 Speech coding apparatus having acoustic prototype vectors generated by tying to elementary models and clustering around reference vectors
5477450 Machine translation method and apparatus
5475792 Telephony channel simulator for speech recognition application
5467425 Building scalable N-gram language models using maximum likelihood maximum entropy N-gram models
5465317 Speech recognition system with improved rejection of words and sounds not in the system vocabulary
5455889 Labelling speech using context-dependent acoustic prototypes
5444617 Method and apparatus for adaptively generating field of application dependent language models for use in intelligent systems
5425129 Method for word spotting in continuous speech
5423032 Method for extracting multi-word technical terms from text
5353377 Speech recognition system having an interface to a host computer bus for direct access to the host memory
5333236 Speech recognizer having a speech coder for an acoustic match based on context-dependent speech-transition acoustic models
5325462 System and method for speech synthesis employing improved formant composition
5313531 Method and apparatus for speech analysis and speech recognition
5293584 Speech recognition system for natural language translation
5293451 Method and apparatus for generating models of spoken words based on a small number of utterances
5280562 Speech coding apparatus with single-dimension acoustic prototypes for a speech recognizer
5278942 Speech coding apparatus having speaker dependent prototypes generated from nonuser reference data
5276766 Fast algorithm for deriving acoustic prototypes for automatic speech recognition
5267345 Speech recognition apparatus which predicts word classes from context and words from word classes
5263117 Method and apparatus for finding the best splits in a decision tree for a language model for a speech recognizer
5233681 Context-dependent speech recognizer using estimated next word context
5230037 Phonetic Hidden Markov model speech synthesizer
5222146 Speech recognition apparatus having a speech coder outputting acoustic prototype ranks
5195167 Apparatus and method of grouping utterances of a phoneme into context-dependent categories based on sound-similarity for automatic speech recognition
5182773 Speaker-independent label coding apparatus
5165007 Feneme-based Markov models for words
5133011 Method and apparatus for linear vocal control of cursor position
5129001 Method and apparatus for modeling words with multi-arc markov models
5093863 Fast pitch tracking process for LTP-based speech coders
5072452 Automatic determination of labels and Markov word models in a speech recognition system
5067166 Method and apparatus for DP matching using multiple templates
5054074 Optimized speech recognition system and method
5050215 Speech recognition method
5046099 Adaptation of acoustic prototype vectors in a speech recognition system
5033087 Method and apparatus for the automatic determination of phonological rules as for a continuous speech recognition system
5031217 Speech recognition system using Markov models having independent label output sets
5018201 Speech recognition dividing words into two portions for preliminary selection
5007092 Method and apparatus for dynamically adapting a vector-quantizing coder codebook
4980918 Speech recognition system with efficient storage and rapid assembly of phonological graphs
4977599 Speech recognition employing a set of Markov models that includes Markov models representing transitions to and from silence
4926488 Normalization of speech by adaptive labelling
4924508 Pitch detection for use in a predictive speech coder
4914704 Text editor for speech input
4887212 Parser for natural language text
4882759 Synthesizing word baseforms used in speech recognition
4852173 Design and construction of a binary-tree system for language modelling
4833712 Automatic generation of simple Markov model stunted baseforms for words in a vocabulary
4831550 Apparatus and method for estimating, from sparse data, the probability that a particular one of a set of events is the next event in a string of events
4829577 Speech recognition method
4819271 Constructing Markov model word baseforms from multiple utterances by concatenating model sequences for word segments
4817161 Variable speed speech synthesis by interpolation between fast and slow speech data
4817158 Normalization of speech signals
4817156 Rapidly training a speech recognizer to a subsequent speaker given training data of a reference speaker
4759068 Constructing Markov models of words from multiple utterances
4748670 Apparatus and method for determining a likely word sequence from labels generated by an acoustic processor
4741036 Determination of phone weights for markov models in a speech recognition system
4718094 Speech recognition system
4618984 Adaptive automatic discrete utterance recognition
4348553 Parallel pattern verifier with dynamic time warping