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Imagine a time when you will be able to issue simple verbal commands to run all of the appliances, machines, and systems you use in your home, office, or on the road.

Your voice will be all you'll need to prepare meals, shop and bank by phone, invest in the stock market, handle e-mail and even drive your car--without having to turn a key in the ignition or touch the steering wheel.  Even security systems will rely on people's voices for computer passwords, access to office buildings, restricted areas, the home, and bank accounts.

Sound like science fiction? Not to the scientists at IBM Research, who have already developed a number of voice recognition systems and are now building prototypes for others-which will give a new meaning to the term, "freedom of expression."


For example, IBM scientists have developed a test system that allows travelers to order airline tickets with simple voice commands.  Another system, called MedSpeak, is used by radiologists to create patient reports by simply dictating the report in conversational style, using the specialized radiology vocabulary required.  The doctors' reports are automatically converted to text.

For more details on these and other solutions, see the sections on Natural Language Understanding, Health Solutions, and History.