We innovate novel analytics that provide insights and evidence for better care delivery, practice management and payment applications. These analytics use longitudinal data from large patient populations. Here are a few examples of our visualization projects:


We innovate novel visualizations to combine the computational power of data analytics with human expertise to enable a new generation of personalized evidence-based medicine. Here are a few examples of our visualization projects:

Wellness Systems

We design Cloud-Enabled Wellness Ecosystems in collaboration with the Taiwan Research Colloboratory. Our research focuses on the following with a specific emphasis on adherence services. More information about this research is available here.


Wellness System Design

Our research focuses on defining modularity in wellness services and appropriate composition techniques.

Wellness System Platform

Our research focuses on a cloud-enabled platform to personalize wellness treatment plans and promote behavior modification.

Wellness System Analysis

Our research focuses on developing a design-of-experiments approach for wellness services with in-market experiments.

IT Platforms

ICDA (Intelligent Care Delivery Analytics) is a suite of analytics, reporting and advanced visualization tools that enable “Early Intervention Opportunity Identification” for care management, care coordination type of scenarios.

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