The Health Informatics Research department at IBM is a multi-disciplinary team of scientists with diverse set of skills conducting research in the broad area of health informatics. Our mission is to provide the scientific underpinnings that enable IBM to have an active presence in the area of health informatics. Our main focus areas are:

  1. Analytics and Big Data in Healthcare and Life Sciences
  2. Visualization and Decision Support for Healthcare and Life Sciences
  3. Insights-driven Wellness Management Services
  4. Data Integration and Platforms

The following figure describes our overall research foci:

We conduct our research in collaboration with external organizations and are active participants in the scientific community. To learn more, read about our publications.

Our Research in the above areas has applications in Care Coordination (Providers, Payers, Governments) and Real World Evidence (Pharma) among many others. In Care Coordination, we are interested in using our research to enable identifying patients/members at risk, devising management plans (care and wellness), identifying the collaborative team to support the patient/member, and addressing adherence and compliance with the suggested plans. In the area of Real World Evidence, we use our advanced analytics and visualizations to better explain variation in the population (responders vs. non-responders), exploration of hypotheses, and design of adjacent services (insights-driven services health and wellness service design).

There are a number of commercial software and services offerings by IBM based on our Research. For example, see IBM Patient Care and Insights.

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