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IBM Israel Software Lab (ILSL)

image: IBM and Haifa

Who we are

ILSL is an IBM SWG lab located in Israel, whose mission is to provide global leadership in multiple software areas, including real-time collaboration, content discovery and text analytics, Data Governance & Metadata, application security, Data Protection and Recovery, and SOA.

Our teams work closely with the Tivoli, Lotus, Information Management, Rational, and WebSphere brands in the IBM Software Group.

Our team's unique personality is defined by a combination of outstanding people, the pioneering energy found in Israeli startups, and the strong foundation you can only get from being a part of the world's leading IT company.

We focus on the quality and consumability of our products, and winning in the marketplace. As we interact with customers around the world, we focus on how our work can make a difference—through creative thinking and a culture of innovation.