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Formal Verification

PSL/Sugar Made Industry Standard!

On April 22 2002, the Formal Verification Technical Committee of the Accellera EDA Standards organization selected Sugar as the basis for an IEEE standard property language. The committee, with experts from the industry and academia, analyzed several language proposals with respect to detailed technical and usability requirements and elected Sugar the winning property language.

The selection has elicited notable press coverage:

Subsequently, various EDA companies have gradually announced releases of Sugar-based tools, including Cadence, TransEDA and others. See also a table of Sugar-based tools, and an EETimes article titled Sugar Assertions Sweetens Assertions.

On May 29, 2003, the Accellera Board of Directors unanimously approved PSL (Accellera official name for Sugar) as an official Accellere standard!

Read also the about proposed use of PSL/Sugar for the IEEE Verilog and VHDL standards:

On June 2, 2004,, reported on the findings of a survey run by John Cooley, moderator of the E-mail Synopsis User Group (ESNUG). According to the survey:

"The most popular choice is Accellera's Sugar language, favored by 34 percent of respondents."

In the referenced survey, PSL is found to be used by twice as many engineers as any other assertion language.

Presently, PSL is going through the natural step of becoming a general IEEE standard. The IEEE name for PSL is P1850.