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Analog and Mixed Signal Technologies


Recent studies show how to obtain a considerable increase in road-traffic safety by employing electro-magnetic based relative motion estimators, a.k.a. RADARs. Such systems, operating in the 77GHz band and employing advanced signal processing concepts, allow high resolution interactive environment mapping in a compact envelope, which is readily integrable in a car or stationary traffic signaling equipment.

That being said, current mm-wave RADAR technology suffers from a low integration level with other parts of the system (signal synthesis, detection algorithm processor, etc.), which makes it suitable for high-end products only due to price/size constraints. In this project we strive to develop a low-cost, small form-factor, high performance RADAR module that is based on a single chip and an antenna array. As currently planned, the chip will incorporate the signal synthesizer and the RF front-end:

  • The mmWave transceiver will have a digital beam forming (DFB) phased array to enable a wide azimuth detection angle.
  • The RADAR synthesizer will generate the linear frequency modulation continuous wave (FMCW) chirp around 77GHz.
  • The synthesizer will enable the user to change the RADAR parameters according to the specific application or scenario.

Future developments of the project may include:

  • Digital data processor will allow immediate application of detection algorithms, further strengthening the all-in-one claim.
  • Short-range communication link will improve the situational awareness of the adjacent junctions/vehicles.