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  • Constraint-based Random Stimuli Generation for Hardware Verification (AI Magazine Fall 2007)

Verification experience

In depth

  • Genesys-Pro: Innovations in Test Program Generation for Functional Processor Verification (IEEE Design & Test of Computers 2004)
  • DeepTrans - Extending the Model-based Approach to Functional Verification of Address Translation Mechanisms (HLDVT 2006)
  • Information-Flow Models for Shared Memory with an Application to the PowerPC Architecture (IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems May 2003)
  • Generating Concurrent Test Programs with Collisions for Multiprocessor Verification (HLDVT 2002)
  • Adaptive Test Program Generation: Planning for the Unplanned (HLDVT 2002)
  • Improving Test Quality Through Resource Reallocation (HLDVT 2001)

Historical insight

  • Functional Verification Methodology for Microprocessors Using the Genesys Test-Program Generator (DATE 1999)
  • Test Program Generation for Functional Verification of PowePC Processors in IBM (DAC 95)
  • Model Based Test Generation for Processor Verification (IAAI 94)