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Impact on IBM

Genesys-Pro has become the standard processor-level test generator within IBM for Power and System Z designs. It has been used in the development of virtually all IBM PowerPC processors, ranging from embedded processors to i/p-series server systems, the Cell, and the Microsoft Xbox™ core processors. Genesys-Pro was also used in the verification of non-PowerPC cores, such as the Cell's Synergistic Processing Unit (SPU).
IBM estimates that it has saved more than $100 million during the last decade in direct development costs and reduced time-to-market by employing the Genesys-Pro verification technologies. The exceptional impact it made on the verification of IBM designs earned Genesys-Pro the IBM Outstanding Accomplishment award.

"... None of our competitors has access to such strong biased-random test program generation ... The success of many PowerPC processor tape-outs rests in no small part on Genesys-Pro ..."
IBM VP Microprocessor Development

"The ultimate measure of our success and the impact that Genesys-Pro had, was that the DD 1.0 [Xbox processor] chip was able to run a game application within one week of initial Power On. It is unlikely this could have been accomplished without Genesys- Pro."
IBM's Xbox processor Program Manager