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RuleBase Parallel Edition

Formal Verification

Recognitions & Press

  • At the DATE 2005 conference held in Munich, IBM has announced the availability of advanced version of RuleBase PE and FoCs, developed as a part of the Prosyd EU project, which is led by the IBM Haifa Labs.
  • At the DAC04 conference on June 7, 2004 in San Diego, IBM once again presented RuleBase Parallel Edition to customers, and issued a press release emphasizing IBM's continued efforts in developing innovative formal verification technologies.
  • At the recent DATE04 conference in Paris IBM announced RuleBase Parallel Edition (PE). The new offering, based on breakthrough technology previously available only to IBM engineers, provides superior verification performance and increases the size of designs that can be formally verified.
  • In the May 15, 2001 issue of EETimes and EEDesign, EDA editor R. Goering reviewed IBM's activities in formal verification. According to Mr. Goering, "...the IBM Research Lab in Haifa, Israel, is quietly making some inroads with formal-verification technology".
  • The February 1999 issue of "Integrated System Design" magazine featured a Focus Report on Formal Verification. The article describes IBM's leading position in formal verification technology and provides an enthusiastic description of the RuleBase tool.
    RuleBase is also referenced in a more up-to-date table summary of this article.
  • RuleBase was referenced in the text of the prestigious ACM Kanellakis Award for Computer Science Theory and Practice, given in 1998 to Randall E. Bryant, Edmund M. Clarke, Jr., E. Allen Emerson, and Kenneth L. McMillan for their invention of "symbolic model checking" (a key algorithm used by RuleBase). The award text identifies RuleBase as a tool that makes industrial-strength formal verification possible.
  • The "Computer Design" magazine organized a forum of researchers and CAD tool vendors in June 1998, to discuss the promise and challenges of the emerging Model Checking technology. IBM (and RuleBase) were represented.
    "Computer Design" also referenced RuleBase, based on information released by IBM, in an earlier issue.
  • RuleBase was awarded an "IBM Research Accomplishment Award" in 1996 and an "IBM Outstanding Research Accomplishment Award" in 1997. These awards represent IBM's recognition of the technology and business value of RuleBase, which has been put to ample use across IBM product units (most recently, the IBM Gigahertz processor) and by selected business partners of IBM (e.g., STMicroelectronics).
  • The IBM Research Magazine (Number 2, 1996) featured a story titled Chip Verification on a Large Scale that provides a description of verification activities in the IBM Haifa Research Laboratory, focusing on formal verification and RuleBase.