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RuleBase Parallel Edition

Formal Verification

Call for Participation
IBM Haifa Workshop on Model Checking
May 10-12, 1999
IBM Haifa Labs
Haifa, Israel

Scope of the Workshop
Model Checking is the primary functional formal verificatiom technique used in industry. The purpose of this workshop is primarily to increase the cooperation and interaction among users and developers in the IBM community. It is our hope that the workshop will promote, through influencing tools and methodology, a higher quality of verification in IBM designs. The workshop will address the current state of Model Checking technology and usage experience in IBM and other companies, including:

  • Presentations from developers of Model Checking tools on their recent work.
  • Presentations from users of Model Checking tools in IBM and external companies on their experience in projects.
  • Presentations on general issues related to Formal Verificaion and Model Checking.

The meeting is scheduled to be on May 10--12. The program is currently divided into 2 days of presentations by participants and half a day of hands-on sessions with RuleBase for IBM participants. For details see the workshop agenda.

Workshop Location
The Workshop will be held in the IBM Haifa Research Laboratory (HRL). Depending on the number of registrations, the Workshop location may be changed to another nearby location (in which case there will not be any network connection, so it would be recommended to bring a laptop equipped with a modem). We are currently in contact with a travel agent to secure a deal for reduced-fare roundtrip El-Al reservations from Kennedy Airport to Tel Aviv It is highly recommended for participants to coordinate their airline and accommodation plans via Danna Pascal. It is also highly recommended to make your airline and accommodation plans ASAP, as the general elections to the Israeli Parliament (an event with impact on airline reservations) will be held on the subsequent week of May 17th.

Haifa is a small city on the coast of Israel. It is going to be warm during May but still not too hot .The proposed hotel is right on the beach and a couple of minutes drive from HRL.

Workshop Registration
We ask all attendees of the Workshop to register online no later than May 5, 1999.

Workshop Organization
You can contact any one of us for information and/or contribution to the meeting.

Workshop Host:
           Yaron Wolfsthal, IBM Haifa Labs

Technical Coordinator:
           Daniel Geist, IBM Haifa Labs

Local Arrangements Coordinator:
           Danna Pascal, IBM Haifa Labs

Please pass this information to others who may be interested. If you know of people that should be added to the mailing list, send me a note and their names will be added.