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IBM Research

Formal Verification and Testing Technologies

Reliable Systems Technologies

Verification Services

The IBM Haifa Research Laboratory, in conjunction with IBM Engineering and Technology Services (E&TS), provides leading-edge verification services to companies interested in introducing a formal verification (FV) methodology to their flow. As discussed elsewhere in this site, the introduction of an FV methodology, with RuleBase as the vehicle, results in higher-quality designs, reduced risk of bugs making it to the lab floor, and avoidance of schedule slips by finding complex bugs earlier in the verification cycle.

Our services includes:

  • Basic and/or advanced training in FV with RuleBase
  • Usage guidance, support and consulting in:
    • Implementing an FV methodology
    • Identification of verification targets and coverage goals for FV
    • Defining a verification plan for FV
    • Specification of complex properties using PSL/Sugar
    • Addressing state-space explosion problems
    • Design for FV
    • Tricks of the trade

The geographies currently served include Europe, India and Israel. Inquiries about verification services in North America are welcome.

Analyst Report Available

Kennedy Information's Global IT Services Report, How IBM Came to Dominate Engineering and IP Services, has recently been posted to the IBM Engineering & Technology Services (E&TS) Web site.

This report covers how IBM has developed market leadership in engineering services geared towards enhancing and improving technology and IP. It includes descriptions of the types of services which IBM E&TS can provide, as well as summaries of target industries and clients.

The report is available at



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