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RuleBase Licensing

IBM Research offers clients the ability to license some of the most advanced technologies developed in our labs. We believe that by sharing technologies with companies outside IBM, we enhance our understanding of the solution and dramatically improve our ability to develop and improve it.

Over the years we have licensed RuleBase to many chip design companies. Some of these clients have been users of RuleBase for more than a decade. Most of our efforts are targeted at delivering more power and capacity for our users, through innovative model checking technology, active research and constant benchmarking to make sure we are leading the field of formal verification. We learned from many years of experience in applying formal verification that the most important aspect of this technology is the tool's capacity. We are proud to share with clients what we believe is the most powerful formal verification technology in the market.

For licensing opportunities and information please contact:

IBM Research - Haifa
Haifa University Campus
Mount Carmel
Haifa 3498825

Tel: +972-4-829-6515 Fax: +972-4-829-6114

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