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OSD iSCSI Initiator for Linux

The new Object Store technology requires a separate driver to drive I/O commands between the host and the object store. Our team developed an iSCSI OSD Initiator for Linux. This OSD driver is available as open source to the Linux community at:



Our OSD initiator is built on top of the Linux SCSI stack and is composed of two components:

  • Generic T10 OSD component - independent of the SCSI transport, this component constructs and parses OSD SCSI commands according to the T10 standard protocol. This includes implementing the security aspects of the OSD protocol, such as building the credentials, signing the commands, and handling its security-related errors. It also runs on top of Fibre Channel.
  • iSCSI component - developed to provide the OSD SCSI commands with extended CDBs (Command Descriptor Blocks) and enable the SCSI transport to support bidirectional commands. Most current SCSI drivers and adapters do not support bidirectional commands or extended CDBs, because it is not needed. However, this kind of support is needed on client hosts (initiators) as well as on the target ObjectStone.